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Eboni Williams is a television personality and an attorney of law. She is the one that provides all the necessary legal, diplomatic and political analysis on all the headlines. Moreover, Eboni Williams has just started a Talk Show on Fox News Channel called “Specialist”.  On this talk show she acts as a permanent co-host along with Eric Bolling and Katherine Timpf.

Eboni Williams Age. How Old is She?

Eboni Williams was born on September 9th, 1988. That makes her 28 years old, at the time of writing this text. Although she is relatively young, she has already done a lot in her life. Especially considering her rough childhood.

Eboni Williams Parents

Eboni Williams was raised by her mother. For that reason she is the one responsible for the character and for what she is now. Her family was not one of the wealthy ones. Quite on the contrary. But every time she needed some support in her life, there was her mother to help her and to be the backbone of her career and study. Therefore, she will always be the one to express her gratitude to her mother but we can never hear her talk about her personal emotional life.

There is no much information on Eboni Williams parents. Nevertheless, we know is that she’s of mixed ethnicity and raised my her mom only.

Is Eboni Married?

Eboni Williams was seen on a couple of occasions with her friend Gray Sandy. However, none of them have ever admitted their emotional relationship. They are both claiming that there is nothing but friendship between them.

Eboni Williams Education and Career

Eboni Williams finished the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she received her B.A. in Communications and African American studies. Later on, she got her law degree from Loyola University New Orleans College of Law.

She proved to be very resourceful student and a capable attorney. Thus Eboni clerked for the Louisiana Secretary of State and the Louisiana Attorney General’s office and New Orleans council members after the Hurricane Katrina.


Eboni Williams today

That time of the Hurricane Katrina inspired her to help other people through her practice, so she concentrated on getting all the needed experience through an internship. As a law student, she worked for the Secretary of State of Louisiana and the Louisiana General’s Office. Furthermore, that gave her all the needed experience in dealing with people and actually understanding the connection between people and a government.

After that she specialized herself in family law and civil litigation (couple and spousal support, divorces, and child custody battles). Just before she started her “news career”, she had begun her practice as a public defender and one of the best attorneys in the Greater Los Angeles area. She represented her clients in all sorts of criminal problems like murders, drug problems, sex crimes, rapes, etc.

Short and Successful TV Career

She used to be a correspondent for ABC News and a contributor to Fox News. Her obligations around the Fox News kept her connected in one way or another until she finally got the permanent job as a co-host for the Fox News Specialists.


FOX NEWS – Eboni Williams

Eboni Williams Net Worth And Salary

A position of a news host is one of the most noticeable jobs in TV industry, and as such has to be paid adequately. We don’t have anything ground solid about her salary. Nonetheless, what we could find are the salaries of some random hosts that work for the Fox News.

Their base salaries are between $70,000 and $78,000 according to the nonprofit organization “Glassdoor”. And yet, there is Sean Hannity, who is a Fox News host, and whose salary goes up to $29 Million annually.


Height and Weight

Eboni Williams height is 5 feet and 1 inch (155cm) and she weights around 54kg. She is very attractive woman with measurements of 35-23-35 inches (88.9cm, 58.42cm, 88.9cm).

Is Eboni Williams Lesbian or Straight?

Although there are no proofs about Eboni’s relationship with her friend Gray, we are pretty sure that Eboni Williams is actually straight. Again, she doesn’t want to disclose a lot about her relationship status.


Eboni Williams

What is Eboni Williams Nationality and Ethnicity?

Eboni Williams is a citizen of the United States and she is of mixed origin. In addition, she is a brunette and she has brown eyes.

Which is Eboni Williams Political Party?

Eboni Williams did not make any choices about her political orientation. She is a registered Independent who leans towards the left. However, Williams didn’t say that she voted for Trump. Yet, she said that she didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton either. She said:”I am registered as an independent even though I can fall left on most issues”. In the end, she voted for a candidate other than Clinton or Trump.

Eboni Williams is Pro Choice?

Ebony Williams has always been very active on matters of social questions. However, she was more than eager to talk about was the matter of legalization or banning the women’s right for abortion. That is, she is Pro choice on that matter and she had a really tough duel with Ben Shapiro where you could see the passion to fight for the rights of people.

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Born:,September 9th 1988
Net Worth:,N/A
Hair Color:,Dark-Brown
Eye Color:,Dark-Brown
Weight:,54 kg
Married to:,N/A
Affair with:,N/A
Birth Sign:,Virgo

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