Elisabeth Harnois Biography

Elisabeth Harnois is an American actress who started her career fairly young. She is most popular to the general audanicne by her portrayal of agent Morgan Brody in “CSI: Crime Investigation Unit” where she has been the part of the main crew from 2012 till the series end in 2015. She actually started her career at the ago if five when she started in films like “One Magic Christmas” and “Where are the Children”.


Elisabeth Harnois and Eric Szmanda in “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”

Elisabeth also stared in several commercials while she was young and finally got the role of Emily in Hallmark’s “Timeless Tales”. She then continued on by being cast as Alice in the Disney Channel Series “Adventures in Wonderland” in 1992. Elisabeth also appeared on Fox’s “Point Pleasant” and has starred alongside Evan Rachel Wood in “Pretty Persuasion” (2005), making this her most prominent role on the big screen. But in May 2011, Elisabeth Harnois will get her biggest chance yet. Namely, she appeared in season 11 in an episode of “CSI” where she portrayed the character of Morgan Brody. In season 12, she came back as a member of the main crew as her character has transferred from LAPD to Las Vegas full time. She stayed in the show from 2012 till 2015.
Elisabeth Harnois was also nominated and also won numerous awards in her young career. She was nominated for the Young Artist Award in 1987, and also for Best Young Actress Guest Staring in a Television Drama in 1988. She won the Outstanding Performance in a Children’s Program in 1993 for her role in “Adventures in Wonderland”.


Evan Rachel Wood, Adi Schnall and Elisabeth Harnois in “Pretty Persuasion”

Elisabeth Harnois Net Worth and Salary

Elisabeth Harnois career has only been getting better and better. She started at a very young age and also had to do a lot of commercials in her young life. Now when she is an established actoress and has cut her teeth in various shows and movies, she is a hardened veteran of the business. This has made her earnings jump and it makes her estimated net worth 1 million dollars currently.

Elisabeth Harnois Partner and Family

There are not many news about Elisabeth Harnois’ dating life, as she mainly keeps things as private as possible. She was connected with fellow actor Jesse McCartney for a period of time and he became her long time boyfriend as well. Once the rumors about them being together were confirmed, they even announced that they got engaged and have been planning out their wedding. But alas, things did not go their way and they ended up breaking it all apart. Elisabeth is reportedly not seeing anybody right now and she is assuming single. But she is a pretty woman and it is only a matter of time until she finds a man suitable for her.


Elisabeth Harnois in red bikini

Elisabeth Harnois Age

Elisabeth Harnois was born in Detroit, Michigan on May 26, 1979. This means that she is currently 38 years old. She spend the majority of her childhood in Los Angeles, where she was raised. She went to St. Mel’s School in Woodland Hills and Canyon Springs High School in Moreno Valley. She also graduated from Wesleyan University and had her degree in film in 2001. She was raised in a big family where she was the eldest child for five and she had four brothers.

Height and Weight

Elisabeth Harnois is still very much attractive and has a great look. She is blonde and has blue eyes and can still boast with great body measurements. Namely, her stats come to 34-25-33 in or 86-63.5-84 cm. She is 5’4 1/2″ or 164cm tall and her weight is 123.5lbs or 56kg. Her body and her measurements are perfectly balanced for any kind of role she is asked to do.


Elisabeth Harnois in bikini (MAXIM.COM)

Elisabeth Harnois Pregnancy Rumors

At one point rumors about Elisabeth Harnois beign pregnant surfaced all around. It was back then where she and her boyfriend Jesse were keeping their relationship a secret. But in the end these rumors all turned out to be false and the only thing that we got from it was that Elisabeth was engaged to Jesse McCartney. Things did not go their way and they broke up and it also meant that Elisabeth was not pregnant at all. Perhaps it was a false alarm which prompted them to speed up their engagement prematurely.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Elisabeth Harnois was born to American parents and also in American, which consequently makes her nationality American. She is Caucasian by ethnicity.

[table caption=”Biography & Facts” width=”500″ colwidth=”150|350″ colalign=”left|center”]
Born:,May 26 1979
Net Worth:,$1 million
Hair Color:,Blonde
Eye Color:,Blue
Height:,5’4 1/2″ or 164cm
Weight:,123.5lbs or 56kg
Married to:,No
Affair with:,N/A
Birth Sign:,Gemini
Education:,St. Mel’s School in Woodland Hills – Canyon Springs High School in Moreno – ValleyWesleyan University

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