Emily Beth Stern – Howard Stern’s Daughter, Biography

Emily Beth Stern is an American singer and actress of Jewish descent. Even though she is a great singer and had released a number of albums under her name, Emily is mainly popular for being the eldest daughter of the eccentric radio show host and celebrity Howard Stern. Emily is the eldest of Stern’s daughters, Deborah and Ashley being the other two, from his first marriage with actress Alison Berns.

Emily Beth Stern had a short run as an actress and is mainly popular for appearing in a stage performance of “Kabbalah.” In 2012, she released her first album comprising of 11 songs, some of which gained positive critical praise. Ms. Stern is also a devoted practitioner of Judaism and has become a Torah Scholar after enrolling and graduating from the Drisha Institute. She describes herself as “Jewish Journal Blogger & Rabbinical Student”


Emily Beth Stern, a photo from her Instagram profile

Emily Beth Stern Husband. Is She Married?

Emily Beth Stern is not married and has never been married before. She doesn’t have any children either. It appears that there are no significant relationships in her life as of now. None of her past boyfriends were real celebrities and she always kept her private life a secret as possible.


Emily and her father Howard Stern

Emily Beth Stern Net Worth

Many of you are probably interested in Emily Beth Stern’s net worth. But there is not a lot of information regarding it as of 2019. She does have a successful career and appears that she is doing well for herself, but has not and will probably never be able to reach the same heights as her father.

Being in the shadow of a person like Howard Stern is never easy. A man whose net worth is estimated at 600 million dollars now is still earning a salary of 90 million US dollars a year.

Emily Beth Stern Age. How Old is Emily?

Emily Beth Stern is 36 years old now and is the oldest daughter of Howard Stern and his wife Alison Berns. She was born in Old Westbury, New York, US on 7 May 1983. She is American by birth but has Polish and Austro-Hungarian roots from her father’s and mother’s sides.

Emily went to and graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, where she studied theatre.


Emily Beth Stern (right) with her sisters

Emily Beth Stern Acting Career and Scandal

Being the daughter of a celebrity like Howard Stern is, Emily Beth Stern had all of the doors open in front of her. This is why she started her acting career very young and got one of her most important roles in 2005 in a production called “Kabbalah” where she played Madonna. Unfortunately for her and the director few tickets were sold as the play did not attract so much attention from the audiences.

During her performance, Emily needed to film some nude scenes that she has done as a professional. But the director of the piece, Tuvia Tenenbom, took advantage of those nude photos and videos and released them in order to promote his play. Because Emily had a very famous father, it attracted a lot of attention.

Just six weeks into production, Emily found out about the wrongdoings done to her and decided to leave the play. With the help of her father’s lawyers, she sued the director for gaining personal gain out of unauthorized materials. This move promptly ended Emily’s acting career.

Orthodox Judaism


Orthodox Jews

Since Emily never had a real connection with her parents, especially her father, she decided to follow her faith. Her interest in Judaism grew and she continued on to study Orthodox Judaism. She began holding Sabbath dinners and even got into transcendental meditation. After graduating from the Drisha Institute, Emily is now a full-fledged Torah Scholar.

This did not sit well with her father who was of Jewish descent but never really practiced his faith in a traditional sort of way. What Emily did eventually created a larger rift between her and her father.

Emily Beth Stern Singing Career


Even though her acting career failed, Emily Beth Stern’s singing career flourished. In 2005 she released her first solo album called Birth Day, through a record label called Tree of Light. The album has 11 songs and some of the most popular ones include Hear in the HeartRemembering LoveLove Song to DemeterLove the Child who Cries and Zoo Za Zoo, for which she also made a video. On her website, you can find the latest information on Emily’s projects.

ZooZaZooZaZoo Lyrics

Zoo Za Zoo Za Zoo Za Zoo
I love you.

You always said you knew I was gifted
but you never could figure out just how much
my body is baffled and my spirit is lifted
each time I surrender to your elegant touch.

Tonight’s the recital for these old, creepy oak trees
They’re flouncing and flampant
in their constant rebuttal.
The squirrel who listens while waiting on bent knees
inspires the leaves to fall towards a puddle.

We’ve evolved the wrong way. how can I go backwards?
How can I take credit for things I’ve not named,
where needing another has come to be misused
and added to this premise that I only can blame?

Zoo Za Zoo Za Zoo Za Zoo
I love you.

The pulsing ground welcomes this beautiful dream catcher
the songbirds that sit at the base of my spine
are telling my heart that I need not go faster
that God’s making room for Her precious friend, time.

For winters have come, but winters don’t stay.
They’re just making sure they still have their say
So, lets close our eyes while night seeks the day
and slumber seduces these games that we play.

Zoo Za Zo Za Zoo Za Zo
I love you.

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Born:,7 May 1983
Religion:,Orthodox Judaism
Profession:,Singer – Songwriter – Actress
Net Worth:,
Hair Color:,Brown
Eye Color:,Blue
Married to:,No
Affair with:,No
Birth Sign:,Taurus

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