Useless and Too Expensive Things That Celebs Spend Money On

Being filthy rich also means that you don’t have a care in the world. Money is not a problem so buying expensive things comes as second nature.

Frankly, I wouldn’t know.

However, there are plenty of examples where celebrities have bought certain things that are insanely expensive for no apparent reason. Some of them get bored with the life they have and want to introduce something new while others are avid collectors of certain things.

Either way, here are some stupidly expensive things that celebs have bought.

2 Bengal Tigers

If you ever watched the movie Hangover then you can probably guess where we are going with this. I guess having a pet cat or a plain ol’ dig is overrated when it comes to celebrities. However, having something as a Bengal tiger as a pet is just right.

Former heavyweight boxing legend, Iron Mike Tyson, bought himself not one but two Bengal tigers as pets. He spent $150,000 on the pair.

Comic Book Collection

Being a passionate collector is one thing, but spending $2.1 million dollars on a collection of comic books is close to insanity. However, action star Nicolas Cage doesn’t seem to think so. Cage is known for being an avid comic book fan and is especially fond of Superman.

He bought the entire collection of Superman comic books, with the crown jewel being the number one issue of Action Comics where Superman makes his first-ever appearance.

24K Gold Rolling Paper


Smoking a joint as a celebrity is not exclusive enough. But rolling one up in a gold rolling paper is the trend that many celebrities are doing. Although most rappers have been tied with this trend, celebrities like Miley Cyrus have also endorsed the Shine 24K gold rolling paper.

However, celebrities are not only buying it but are also investing in it. Multi-platinum recording artist Tyga invested $5 million in this project. Additionally, American rapper 2 Chainz used Shine’s 24-karat gold rolling papers within his cannabis smoking session in the GQ web series “Most Expensive Shit.”

A Gold Plated Jet

Flying in style means flying in a jet entirely made of gold. Although that is impossible and most likely too expensive to make, you can at least make parts of it gold. The current president of the US, Donald Trump, has a private jet with a gold plated bathroom and seatbelts.

This extravagant purchase has cost him $100 million. I guess petty cash for someone as rich as he is.

A Ghost Detection Machine


I guess when you are so rich you start thinking of buying things that do not exist. Hence the purchase of a Ghost Detection machine. I am not here to question the logic of existence and reality, but does anybody know if this thing is legit or not.

Nevertheless, celebrity singer and songwriter Lady Gaga decided to spend $500,000 on one. We don’t have any information if she found any ghosts but we do know that she wasn’t cast in any of the Ghostbusters movies.

A Dinosaur Skull

You already have an enormous house and an expensive car. So what else would go nicely with it? Of course, a T-Rex Skull! It can fit nicely in the living room above the fireplace.

This is probably what Nicolas Cage (Yes, Nick Cage again!) was thinking when he decided to spend $276,000 on a dinosaur skull. We still don’t know what he is using it for, but it is certainly one of the most extravagant purchases that any celebrity has bought.

A Diamond Mine

If you are a famous rapper, bling is a necessary part of your look. However, if you are able to create your own bling, you have gone a whole step further. Thus buying a diamond mine makes sense. I mean, what else would this purchase mean.

Rapper Akon decided to buy a whole diamond mine in Africa and its price is to this day undisclosed. But we think that he has topped every list of extravagant purchases with this one.