Famous Dex Net Worth 2020


Famous Dex was born Dexter Tiewon Gore Jr. on 6 September 1993. He is an American rapper, songwriter and singer who is known for his two songs, Pick It Up and Japan which hit the Billboard Hot 100 at numbers 54 and 28 respectively.

Famous Dex Net Worth

Dex has been in the music industry for a very short timebut during that time his net worth is estimated at $600,000.Most of Dex’s wealth is from his music sales. Other sources include his collaboration with other artistes where he charges about $7 for every 16 bars in the song.

Before the Puma contract was terminated, Dex made quite a sum from it. Dex’s clothing line, Dexter Official and his social media presence contribute a tidy sum to his wealth.

Dex purchased has a house in Los Angeles, and he owns a Lamborghini. Dex also owns a Bentley Bentayga priced at $200,000 and it is evident that Dex loves himself as he bought himself a Maserati for his birthday. Dex loves his bling and he owns an $80,000 diamond Audemars Piguet watch.

Famous Dex Music Career

Famous Dex started as a hype man and dancer on his friend’s songs. Dex made two remixes in 2013 that helped reinforce his unique music style. The following year, Dex released his first single, Bottle after Bottle which attracted almost 200 thousand views on YouTube.

Dex’s mother died of breast cancer in 2015 pushing Dex to take that final leap into the music world. In 2017, Dex released his famous single, Pick It Up. This was Dex’s first song to hit the Billboard 100 chart, shining at number 54, later being certified gold.

The release of the Pick It Up videospiked Dex’s popularity, and the video attracted over 34 million YouTubeviewers. In 2018, Dex released his debut album, Dex Meets Dexter which hit the Billboard 200 chart in position 12.


Famous Dex

Famous Dex Early Life and Family

Dex was born in Eaglewood, Chicago to Dexter Gore, Sr., a former member of the US Army, and Pamela Winters, a waitress and chef at IHOP.

He studied at Paul Robeson High School, but growing up in a dangerous neighbourhood led Dex to eventually get involved with drugs.


Famous Dex with his father

Famous Dex Marriage, Children and Divorce

Dex and Baby Mama (real name not disclosed) have been together for many years. They have 3 children, 2 daughters, and a son. Their relationship has had its fair share of problems and after Des assaulted Baby Mama, they separated for a while.

The incident which took place at Tish Hyman’s apartment was captured by her CCTV. Tish leaked it on Instagram, asking Puma if that was the type of person they wanted endorsing their products. Puma immediately terminated Dex’s contract. Despite


Famous Dex and Baby Mama

Dex’s apology to Baby Mama, he served some jail time for the assault.


Famous Dex Controversies

The domestic abuse incident came back to haunt Dex in 2018 at the University of California Irvine’s Shocktoberfest music event.

The university’s student body was against Dex performing because of the incident. He was eventually allowed to perform but caused chaos when he jumped into the crowd which knocked down the security barriers. The show was closed down.

In December 2018, Dex took a video where he made racially-charged jokes aimed at an elderly Indian-American cashier at a gas station where Dex had bought a box of smokes. Dex uploaded the video post on his Instagram page.

Famous Dex and Drugs

Dex has not had it easy with his battle with drugs. He appeared on Instagram live while under the influence, and in the middle of the broadcast, he fell asleep. He later confessed that he had been high on drugs.

During a performance at 1 OAK in West Hollywood, Dex collapsed while on stage. It is said that he suffered a seizure but the fact that his team took him backstage instead of to the hospital left many people wondering if the incident had been drugs-related.

Dex has expressed a desire to stop drugs and he has the full support of his music team who reported that they were helping him leave behind all unhealthy behavior.


Famous Dex is an American rapper, songwriter and singer

Famous Dex and Social Media

Dex is very active on social media, posting lots of videos on his Instagram page.

Famous Dex Nationality and Ethnicity

Famous Dex is an American citizen and holds a US nationality. He is of African American origin.


                       Biography & Facts
Born: 6 September 1993
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: African American
Religion: N/A
Profession: Rapper, Songwriter, Singer
Net Worth: $600,000
Salary: N/A
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Black
Height: 5ft 11in or 1.80m
Weight: 152lbs or 72kg
Married to: N/A
Affair with: Baby Mama
Children: 3 (names undisclosed)
Birth Sign: Virgo
Education: Paul Robeson High School


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