Fast N’ Loud Launces for its 5th Season

Richard Rawlings from Fast N’ Loud and his crew are prepared to kick off the fifth season of their show. The premier of the upcoming season is scheduled for Monday, 16 October, when the show continues on the Discovery Channel. Richard and his crew are going to face some tough tasks ahead and there is also a significant change as this season is going to go without Aaron Kaufman who has been a key figure of their crew. They are actually marking this as a beginning of a new era for Richard Rawlings and his gang. Something that you will see them do in the upcoming season is turning an original 1973 Chevy P30 Step Van into a hot rod. They also plan to use some unique cars, like the 1965 Shelby GT Mustang, which come at a very hefty price. Some guest builders for this season include Big Mike Sajid and Brian Bass.

Marcia Harvey Demands Justice

Marcia Harvey, the first and also former wife of comedian Steve Harvey, demands that he pays up his due and his late child support fees. Steve Harvey is allegedly going to pay a sum of 36,000 dollars as part of his payments which he owes to his former wife. He might be even facing jail time if he does not pay. Marcia and Steve officially divorced in 1993, but it was recently found that the official document that Marcia filed was dated as 1990. This also means that Steve Harvey left her wife while she was still pregnant with their son. After a long trial, Steve Harvey was fined and he was supposed to pay and amount of $5,100 per month and also pay any legal fees. But as Marcia reports now, Steve has not paid a dollar till this day. Because of that, Marcia has also appealed to the judge and she might get more than she deserves. Steve has been accused of infidelity a few times and probably deserves what it is coming for him.


Kim Zolciak is in a Fighting Spirit

Kim Zolciak is returning to season 10 of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and based on the trailer it is going to be feisty season. Kim is shown shouting and almost fighting with Kenya Moore and she looks almost but ready to throw down with the fellow cast mat. Kenya was criticizing Kim’s behavior with her daughter and the fact that she has “pimped her out.” Kim lashed out at Kenya and returned with a barrage of “Do not mess with me, may man, my money and my kid!” We are not sure if this is the particular order things go with Kim, but it appears that he strongly backs her principals. We are in for a fiery season.

An Unusual Record Set by Vanna White

America’s sweetheart Vanna White has made herself known for appearing on the American TV show “Wheel of Fortune.” She has appeared on the show for a run of 6,500 episodes and is celebrating her 35thanniversary of being with the show. But that is only one milestone that Vanna is setting. We are actually looking at a more unconventional one. Vanna will enter the Guinness Book of Records as a person who has recorded the most number of claps. During her 35 years at the show she records approximately 600 claps per episode, which is enough to position her among the world’s most frequent clappers. While lighting up the letters and cheering and rooting for the contestants, Vanna White managed to stay in the top for a very long time. As she prepared to enter into a new season, she comes with a very peculiar achievement with her.


Phoebe Adele Gates Finally Gets Her Phone

Bill Gates is as we all know the richest man in the world. But do his children know this. In fact he and his wife are raising their children as any modest and everyday Americans. They are not privileged at all and Bill is not planning to spoil them with vast amounts of wealth. The three of them have their own chores and Bill gives them a very modest amount of money for doing them. They are by all means normal kids living a very modest life in America. The youngest of the three, Phoebe Adele is turning 13 and is finally getting her own mobile phone. The rule around the house is that once you turn 13 you earn the privilege of having one and Phoebe is at that age that she can use it.

She is entering her teens and her mother’s states that it is a difficult period both of her and Phoebe as they both have to adjust to something new, but luckily Miranda has more experience as she faced two adolescent kids before. Bill also does not plan to give his wealth to his children and he has only promised them an inheritance of 10 million dollars each. The rest of it he plans to give away to charity. He wants to teach his children to work hard if they want to achieve as not everything is given in life.