FOX is Not Going to Let Chariss Thompson Leave Anywhere

Charissa Thompson has proven to be a valuable member of the FOX news sport casting program. Recently news started appearing that she has been getting offers form some of the competitors and that perhaps ESPN is working on a deal to bring her back. But FOX is not going down without a fight. They are pretty much certain that they do not want to let Charissa go without first giving her their own options.

They are probably willing to offer her more and they probably will, which might see her salary go up a bit. The people from FOX had this to say:

Charissa is a highly valued member of the FOX Sports family and is an extremely talented broadcaster, including in her current role as host of FOX NFL KICKOFF.

Charissa has been a part of ESPN between 2011 and 2013 and since then joined FOX and has worked here ever since.

Eva Pilgrim is really Enjoying Being an Aunt

Eva Pilgrim has been really enjoying her role as an aunt latterly. She has been hitting it off with her nephew on Instagram recently where we can see all of their adventures together. The first session involved the obligatory selfie school and practice where Eva and baby Lawson are posing for a picture together. Although Eva seems to be more into it than little Lawson who seems not to know what is going on:

Teaching baby Lawson about selfies… #nephew #auntlife #everydayEva #everywhereEva #HomeSweetHome

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But if Eva needs some help there is always good ol’ grandma to the rescue and she is also there to comfort little Lawson if things get to overwhelming for Eva. It seems that Eva is really digging the role of being an aunt, so we might get to see her very soon in the role of being a mother as well.

August Alsina Reunites with his Mother

There was an interesting turn of events during the latest August Alsina concert. The singer is currently on his “Don’t Matter Tour” where he is promoting his latest album. But during the concert in Houston there was an interesting twist which gave the evening a special tone. In fact, August invited his mother, Sheila Blair, on stage and sang to her onstage in an attempt to reconcile their differences. August and Sheila hugged in a tearful rejoice and managed to put all of the feuds aside which they have bene having in recent years.

August Alsina gave an interview recently to the Breakfast Club where he tried to explain the situation currently going ton between him and his mother. He said

My mom is a queen for one reason, she gave me life and she raised me. I can never take that away from my mom. We all have issues.

Although we still do not understand what exactly is going on here Alsina also went on to say that he is suffering from a liver disease which has been plaguing him for the last 2 years. Probably this was the reason which made him reconcile the relationship between him and his mom and get things back on the right track.


Kristian Alonso Going Out with Danny and the Boys

You rarely see Kristian Alonso in the public eye. The “Days of our Lives” star keeps to herself and to her family mostly and does not go out so much. But when she does go out it is either with her husband Danny or her family. Kristian is so secretive that you maybe do not know that she he three kids, but not all of them are Danny’s as the eldest of their boys is from her first marriage. But we were graced with a recent Instagram post where Kristian is seen with her husband Danny Daggenhurst and all the boys together. Gino, Jack and Spartan are all there. It is a great family photo that we rarely see celebrities being able to have a privilege to take.

#blessed #mylove #❤️ #mylife @gino_william_777 @thorvald_spartan @jackdaggenhurst #xoxo #mythreesons

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Francis Greco Talking about being Married to Lauren Holly

Lauren Holly had a pretty messy divorce when she left Jim Carrey. It was pretty amazing that she got out of it sane and that she was able to find somebody else who would car for her. But luckily Francis Greco, an investment banker, came along and swept her off her feet. It was something which gave Holly a chance for a better life and to start things off again in a better way. They recently talked about their relationship together and how they met for the first time.

They were set on a blind date and both of them thought that nothing good would come out of it and instead they hit it off and ended up getting married.

It was a function of ‘I think I know this type – actresses are spoiled and temperamental

Explained Greco his first impression before going to the date. But now it appears that they are very happy to be together and are having the time of their lives.


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