Freddy Dodge Net Worth

Thanks to his unusual train of being a gold miner Freddy Dodge net worth is about 400 thousand dollars. You would assume that this kind of a job is related to somebody who wasn’t from this century. But Freddy Dodge managed to become popular by being one of the few who still do it. What is even more interesting is that he owes his wealth to this trait. Although, he is not only a gold miner now but a full-fledged TV personality. Thanks to his reality TV show called “Gold Rush”, he is able to show people just how things are done. This also increase his salary as he is able to do what he started with and also gets to show his face on TV. It has been reported that his salary is around 2,500 dollars per month.

Freddy Dodge net worth: 400,000 dollars

Freddy Dodge Gold Rush

Freddy Dodge is one of the main figures featured in the Discovery TV show “Gold Rush”. Generally speaking, it is a show about mining for gold where teams compete against each other. The series mainly takes place around Yukon Territory, Canada where various teams of miners gather to find gold in gold placer deposits in the area. Different teams and mining families appear in the show, mostly from the Klondike region, and with Todd Hoffman’s 316 Mining Company being the most prominent one.

Freddy Dodge had only a few appearances in seasons 1 and 2. But he became a more prominent figure on the show with the start of season 3. You can even see his older brother, Derek Dodge, in season 4 and the two came to Hoffmans with the Carmax entitlement in that season. Unfortunately, seasons 5 featured a sad event with the death of Dodge’s father-in-law Raymond Griess. But it also features the success that they had in Carmacks and them rejoining team Hoffman and helping them get a total of 4000 ounces of gold.

Freddy Dodge Early Life

Freddy Dodge was born in Colorado, a state known for mining and various prospects for digging. This made young Freddy very curious and he decided to embark on this type of a profession when being very young. In fact he was about 9 years old when he began prodding his way into the business of gold mining. He never got any professional education but kind of a picked things up on his own. He developed steadily and he appearing on the show was something that brought him fame.

After becoming a season regular on the show, Freddy also managed to get a proper education and become a real prospector. This was something which he could not achieve before but managed to do it after all. Thanks to his expertise his team was able to develop Monster Red, Little Red, Big Red, Gold Jig and Gold Table.

Freddy Dodge Family

When Freddy Dodge is not on the show or is not doing what you are supposed to do when you are a miner, he mostly enjoys a normal and peaceful family life. Freddy is married and has a wife named Lisa Dodge. The two of them have been married for a time now and have already been blessed with two children. They have two daughters together, Nikki Dodge and Sammi Dodge. If you watched the show, chances are that you have probably seen Nikki along her father.

Freddy Dodge is also a renowned hunter. He likes the outdoors and prefers hunting more than anything in the world. He is known for shooting the three biggest moose in Canada with a muzzle overloaded rifle. He is also a dedicate shooter and is a gun enthusiast.

[table caption=”Biography & Facts” width=”500″ colwidth=”150|350″ colalign=”left|center”]
Born:,30 December 1966
Profession:,Professional Gold Digger
Net Worth:,$ 400000
Salary:,$2500 per month
Hair Color:,Gray
Eye Color:,Blue
Married to:,Lisa Dodge
Affair with:,N/A
Children:,2 daughters (Nikki Dodge and Sammi Dodge)
Birth Sign:,Capricorn

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