Georgette Falcone Biography

Georgette Falcone is the younger daughter of actress Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone. Georgette is still a child and has only recently turned 7, but she is still popular due to her famous parents. She has also managed to appear in her first movie recently and it was alongside her mother. Both Georgette and her older sister Vivian appeared in the movie which their mother acted in and her parents produced.

Melissa McCarthy is a famous actress, comedian, produced, writer and even a fashion designers. After starting her career as a standup comedian and after establishing her unique type of humor she started appearing in moves. Her most prolific roles came with “Spy” (2015), “The Heat” (2013), “Ghostbusters” (2016), “The Boss” (2016), “Tammy” (2014) and “Bridesmaids” (2011). She has also made a career on TV and stared in such shows as “Mike & Molly” and “Gilmore Girls.” As far as her husband, Ben Falcone, is concerned, he is a comedian himself and also a filmmaker. He appeared alongside his wife in “Bridesmaids,” “The Heat” and “Identity Theft” and also co-stared in “What to Expect When you are Expecting” and also “Enough Said.”


“The Boss” movie

Georgette Falcone made her acting debut with her sister in the movie “The Boss.” Melissa McCarthy plays an eccentric millionaire who ends up off the beaten track and needs to get her fortune back. In the movie, the younger daughter Vivian played Melissa’s character when she was young, while Georgette appeared as one of the fortune cookies girls who worked for the Brownie Company. It appears that both Vivian and Georgette are set to become child actresses and are going to follow their mother’s path.

Georgette Falcone Net Worth and Salary

Although Georgette Falcone started acting and is probably going to earn a lot of money in her career. But so far, she is still a child and does not have her own salary. Her only acting credit came from “The Boss” and we are sure that there are going to be many to come. Till then her net worth is unknown, but she can really on her wealthy parents which have a very big net worth joined together. Melissa McCarthy is worth 60 million dollars while her husband Ben Falcone is currently worth 2 million dollars.

Georgette Falcone Partner and Family


Georgette Falcone’s parents (Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone)

Georgette Falcone is the younger daughter to actors and comedians Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone. She also has an older sister, who is three years the elder of Georgette. Her sister is Vivian and she was born in 2007. Melissa and Ben married in 2005 and have had a very good relationship both on screen and off screen and enjoy the life with their family.

Georgette Falcone Age

Georgette Falcone was born on March 22, 2010. Georgette is currently living with her mom and dad and sister in Los Angeles, California. She was actually born there and has spent all of her life there so far.


Georgette Falcone and her father Ben Falcone

Height and Weight

Georgette Falcone’s height and weight cannot be determine so far. She is still a very young child and even though her popularity is rising and will probably reach much bigger heights we do not know her body measurements now. She is still a child actress who is developing both in body and soul and we will probably find out somewhere in the future how much she weighs. Her height will most certain change from year to year.

Is Georgette Falcone a Lesbian?

Georgette Falcone is not a lesbian. But either way she is still too young. She is still a child and she certainly does not have a boyfriend nor a girlfriend. She does not have any homosexual tendencies so far and maybe with time this will change, but so far we cannot comment further than this.


Georgette Falcone with mom, dad and sister

Nationality and Ethnicity

Being that Georgette Falcone is the daughter of both American parents, she herself is also an American by nationality. Her ethnic group is Caucasian but her father comes from an Italian background while her mother is Scottish descent.

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Born:,March 22, 2010
Net Worth:,N/A
Hair Color:,Blonde
Eye Color:,Brown
Married to:,No
Affair with:,No
Birth Sign:,Pisces

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