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Gina Gentry Loudon is a popular TV personality. A Republican author and commentator, she hosted a TV show called “American Trends” on the Youtoo America TV channel which aired on Time Warner Cable and Comcast. Her most popular media appearance was a talk show called “Dr. Gina” on two radio stations. She regularly makes appearances on other networks like CNN, Fox News and Fox Business.

Net Worth & Salary

With a net worth estimated at $1.5 million, details about Gina’s salary are hard to come by.


Gina Loudon


Gina attended William Woods University in St. Louis, Missouri, where she earned Master’s degrees in communications and design and a PhD in psychology. She gave the Commencement Address at her alma mater in 2015. The psychology degree is the subject of an on-going court case after news site The Daily Beast reported that her PhD is actually in “Human and Organisation Systems”, adding that  she “neither has a psychology degree nor a licence to practice clinical psychology”. Loudon filed a libel suit against The Daily Beast on 8th October 2019.

After graduating, Gina joined the Tea Party movement. There, she wrote articles, participatedin social media communications. She also made appearances on television and radio talk shows on behalf of the movement.

Loudon has also been very active in electronic media. She hosted a radio talk show called “Dr.  Gina”. It aired on KJSL in St. Louis, Missouri and WYDE FM in Alabama. She also hosted a TV show called “American Trends” that aired on Time Warner Cable and Comcast.


Gina Loudon in “Fox News”

With her husband, Gina appeared on the reality show “Wife Swap” where they swapped with a polyandrous and bisexual couple. However, Lydia walked off the set, becoming the first wife to ever do so.

Gina’s 2018 book, “Mad Politics: Keeping Your Sanity in a World Gone Crazy”, contains a claim that she has scientific evidence showing that Donald Trump is “the most sound-minded person to ever occupy the White House”. This prompted Trump to endorse the book and he Tweeted, “Gina is great”, which causeda big jump in the book’s Amazon ranking.

Gina has written two successful novels, “Ladies and Gentlemen” and, with Ann Marie Murrell and Morgan Brittany, “What Women Really Want”.

As a political activist and media personality, Gina is popular on social media, with her Twitter account attracting over 80,000 subscribers. She is also active on Facebook and Instagram.


Gina Loudon and her husband John William

Partner and Family

Gina met John William while at college at William Woods University, and they fell in love. The wedding was in 1990 at John’s alma mater, Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri and the couple now live in Southern California. They have five children: Lily, Lydia, Robert, Jack and Samuel. Samuel is adopted and has Downs’ Syndrome.

William is a former Missouri State Senator.

The couple are conservative Presbyterian Christians. Gina is especially against liberalism. The marriage is a happy one and there have been no rumours of affairs or conflict.


Gina Loudon with her husband and children


51 year old Gina was born on 27th January 1968 in Missouri, USA

Height & Weight

Blonde-haired with green eyes and a fit body, Gina is 5ft 2in (157 cm) tall. She weighs 135lb (61kg).

Nationality & Ethnicity

Gina Loudon is a white American and lives in Southern California.

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