GVNG GREEN – Red Light Review

The rising hip-hop group has recently come out with another single, titled Red Light. In truth, the single is actually a collaboration with fellow artist Trinity, which came out after the release of GVNG GREEN’s album.

The song is a very sensual journey to the core of our hidden desires. GVNG GREEN themselves said it best: “Have you ever had one of those moments when you are overwhelmed with nothing but romance? A sense of belonging with someone, to have that intimate feeling and moment with that special person?”

The R&B single’s most dominant features are sexuality, sensations, desires, intimacy, and love. The group mentioned that the inspiration for this song came from the desire to make a mix-up of old-school and new music.

As previously mentioned, the single also features Trinity, who may be more known by her real name – Elle Lorraine. Lorraine is a singer, actress, and producer, famous for Dear White People, Insecure, and Bad Hair. Trinity provides a fresh new sound to this sensual mix.

GVNG GREEN Information

GVNG GREEN was founded in 2019, in Los Angeles, California. The group consists of two rappers, whose stage names are Goddi and StaJe. Goddi’s west coast voice, paired with StaJe’s southern, country vibe creates a captivating new sound.

GVNG GREEN has a very unique style, which is further enhanced by the group’s poetic lyrics. The diversity of GVNG GREEN’s beats paired with the old-school rapping style generates a completely fresh 2020 sound.

Keep an eye out for the group’s next single Buns, which features Sienna Spalding. In order to keep yourself updated on GVNG GREEN’s next projects, as well as find out what they are up to, make sure to check out their official website.

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