Has Anybody Seen Ben Chaplin’s Wife?

Recent update about what celebrities are doing saw us getting a confirmation about Ben Chaplin finally getting married. He was dating Rocio Oliver for a long time and kept their relationship a secret. But now when the cat is out of the bag, we also learned that their marriage was made official not that much time ago. But where are all the feisty photos? They must have made an appearance somewhere? Well in fact Ben and Rocio are rarely seen together in public.

Apparently Ben does not bring his wife to any of his premiers. You will rarely see him accompanied by Rocio. Somebody needs to tell him that we all know what is going on and that it is not a secret anymore. It’s OK Ben, you can go out with your wife in peace. We all know already, it is not a secret anymore.

What Happened to Caroline Lody?

There was a time when the OJ Simpson trial was the talk of the town. Rightfully so, it was one of the most important events happening in the country and everyone was tuning in. It was like watching a soap opera and not a really murder case unveil in front of our eyes. It made all of the participants and even their friends and family members celebrate and gave them specific roles in this show/trial. One of the people who got a bad rep was certainly Mark Fuhrman, who was the detective who was at the scene of the murder and whose later testimony would see OJ go free.

Mark was labeled as the bad guy here, mostly because of his past and the testimony he gave. Because of his unstable personality, he got married three times with one of his wife being Caroline Lody. She helped him go through some bad times after during and after the case, but like all his previous relationship in ended up with a divorce. Apparently this made Caroline go into hiding and she does not want to be connected with Mark and the case anymore. You will rarely see pictures or information about her and Mark also does not want to share information about her whereabouts. Perhaps he wants to protect her now and make up for being a bad husband in the past.


Netflix May Win its First Emmy Award

As we are entering more and more into the world of streaming, it is only a matter of time when sites like Netflix and Amazon completely takeover. Till now, there has not been a show which won an Emmy Award coming from a streaming site. But as the quality of content has been getting better and better people said that it would be only a matter of time. It appears that the time will come at the upcoming festival as Netflix is nominated for “Black Mirror” and the episode titled “San Junipero.” “Black Mirror” is a British anthology series which tells a new story in every different episodes and tells us about the dangers of technology and what it might bring to the world. The titled episode tells a about a love story between two girls set in 1987. The actresses involved in the episode are Makenzie Davis and Gugu Mbatha-Raw. Gugu is especially excited as it would be her highest achievement in her young career. She feels that the show is great as it gives a straightforward message to the viewer and expresses the real danger that technology can pose.


Celebrities Awaiting the Emmys

In the wake of the recent Emmys, there are many celebrities being spotted arriving and getting prepared for the big event. One such celebrities are Terry Crews and his wife Rebecca King-Crews. The couple was doing their thing and were talking to people left and right. Terry was his lovable self as always as he was breaking it down and dancing to various music that was playing in the back. Rebecca was, on the other hand, more subdued than her loving husband.

He is the comedian in the family, as Rebecca states. They are not here to win any Emmy though but are very much happy to be a part of the celebration. Rebecca explains the importance of the event and sees it as a great opportunity for her to experience the best that the industry has to offer.

Paloma and Vin will Remember Paul in their Own Way

Paul Walker is sorely missed by both his fans, family members and friends. If he had lived, Paul would have celebrated his 44th birthday now. For this special occasion, his daughter Meadow Walker posted an Instagram picture of her and her father playing around while she was still young.

This is a special way that she celebrates the memory of her father. On the other hand, Paul’s great friend Vin Diesel has done this in a completely different way. He and his girlfriend Paloma Jimenez recently got their new daughter and they decided to name her Paulina as a memory to Paul. Vin actually states that it was all Paloma’s ide as she wanted to celebrate the friendship that he had with her family. As long as people remember him, Paul will still live on.


Paloma Jimenez in bikini

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