Hazel Gordy Net Worth & Biography

Hazel Gordy is most popular as the member of the Gordy family, or more closely as the daughter or Berry Gordy. Her father is famous as the founder of the popular Motown Records. His company went on to become the most successful record label of its time.

It became notable as “The Motown Sound” which was mainly the product of Berry himself who cultivated it and brought it to its greatest heights. Berry Gordy went on to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for his contributions to popular music.

Hazel Gordy  is also famous as the ex-wife of Jermaine Jackson. Hazel’s ex-husband was a former member of the famous group “The Jackson 5,” where one of the members was Michael Jackson as well. Hazel had a short marriage with Jermaine. That is, their marriage started off great,  however it ended with Jermaine’s affair with another woman.

Hazel Gordy and her husband also have three children together from their marriage.

 Professional Life

Hazel Gordy has been professionally associated with her family and her famous husband. Although she was immersed in music herself because of the people surrounding her, she never became a prominent or a famous musician on her own.

From an early age she wanted to study business and even started schooling herself in the field. Even so, the strive towards music which has been amplified by all the people surrounding her made her quit that and in a way made a new path for her. She studied music privately and went on to help her father and her family within the business that they found themselves most comfortable in.


Hazel Gordy and her father Berry Gordy

Hazel Gordy Net Worth and Salary

Although Hazel Gordy has been associated with lots of people in the music industry due to her father and husband, she has not made a career for herself despite being taught in music. She did manage to have a lucrative life along her father and her ex-husband, but she was not so much immersed into other business dealings away from that.

She has not seemed as interesting to the paparazzi as other members of her family and has mainly kept quiet. Her net worth and current earnings or salary are for the better part unknown and have not been made public yet.


Hazel Gordy

Partner and Family

As mentioned, Hazel Gordy was born within the Gordy family with her father being Berry Gordy and her mother being Thelma Coleman. She also has a few siblings as she is the second child in her family as she has two brothers Terry James and Berry Gordy IV. But the most famous is still her ex-husband, Jermaine Jackson the former member of The Jackson 5.

Hazel Gordy Children

She married her husband in 1973 and during that period she had three wonderful children with him. Their children include Autumn, Jermaine Jr., and Jaimy. Unfortunately, their marriage was not meant to last as they had a tumults relationship which ended up in a divorce. Legally, they finalized the divorce in 1988.

A little bit later Jermaine started dating Margaret Maldonado publicly, which he later married officially. They revealed later that Jermaine’s and Hazel’s wedding was cut short due to an affair Jermaine had with the woman he would later marry.

On Hazel’s part, there were no indications of an affair nor any misdealing which would cause further tumult. There is not much on her current dating history , still some reports state that she is not seeing anyone at the moment.


Hazel Gordy wedding


Hazel Gordy was born on August 24th in 1954, which makes her current age at the time of writing the text 63.

Height and Weight

Unfortunately, there are no current information about the height and weight of Hazel Gordy. Her measurements are also not known to the general public as she still keeps a very secretive persona about herself.


young Hazel Gordy & Jermaine Jackson

Is Hazel Gordy a Lesbian?

Despite some rumors, Hazel Gordy has never been a lesbian. This we can determine due to the fact that she was married to Jermaine Jackson for so long. Her latest dating history may not be so interesting. Nevertheless, there are no indications that she has decided to change her sexual orientation.

However, there were some rumors about her former husband’s death. Thics at some point went on to say that Hazel Gordy died as well, but those rumors were put to rest as both of them are alive and well till this day of age.


Hazel Gordy, her husband Jermaine Jackson and their children

Nationality and Ethnicity

Hazel Gordy is an African American woman and holds an American nationality. Her hair is black as well as having her brown eye color.

[table caption=”Biography & Facts” width=”500″ colwidth=”150|350″ colalign=”left|center”]
Born:,1954 August 24
Profession:,Social worker
Net Worth:,N/A
Hair Color:,Black
Eye Color:,Brown
Married to:,Jermaine Jackson (m. 1973–1988)
Affair with:,N/A
Birth Sign:,Virgo

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