A Heart Pounding Message from Stana To Kris Brkljac

The former “Castle” star Stana Katic, was recently at the Monte Carlo TV Festival where she was promoting her new show. Stana took some photos, gave interview and sign some autographs for the fans and she was also there to say a few words about her new role. Stana is going to star in a series call “Absentia” where she assumes the main role of an FBI agent who disappears while being haunted by a Boston serial killer.

Stana was also joined by her colleagues and co-stars from the show, Patrick Hausinger and Cara Theobold, which were also there to promote the newly added show. But most importantly for Stana, her husband Kris Brkljac was there to give her support. While they also posed together and had all kinds of cute pictures taken, one of them was probably the most inspiring. The image which emerged on Instagram sees Stana signing autographs with her husband patiently standing behind her. Stana wrote:

“To the man behind the scenes: The privilege of a lifetime is loving you & being loved by you. Thank you my best friend, my rock, my love. #CupRunnethOver”

stating how happy she is for the support her husband has always offered her.

Michaela Conlin Happy About the Ending of Bones

Michaela Conlin, the star of the drama show “Bones,” recently gave an interview where she talked about the show’s ending. The series is coming to its finale and it has bene a long and successful ride which so many people are feeling bad that it is ending. Btu Michaela feels happy about how things got to wrap up and she thinks that they should be pound about the things that they have accomplished with the series. Michaela palsy the character of Angela Montenegro and she has been with the show all the way.

She rose from a side character to a minor celebrity thanks to her role where her character went through various personal changes and achieved more than just being a free-spirited artist and a computer genius. She went through emotional stages and personal changes and ended up as becoming quite a successful innovator in the end. Michaela still feels sad about leaving the role which made her so popular and said for the interview with Assignment X

It’s definitely really bittersweet lace my shoe up. It was really wonderful seeing everybody today. We finished [in December], and I can’t believe it’s over. I feel like we really did what we were supposed to do on this show. I feel really lucky to be a part of it.


“I Never Skip Dessert Now” Says Aly Raisman

Aly Raisman is a renowned athlete and a famous Olympian and has racked up a whole garage of medals for her country so far. She competed in 2012 and 2016 and was the captain both times and has amassed enough gold to retire now even though she is still 23. Nevertheless, Aly is now focusing on other things while she is not training and has started writing a book, posed for Sports Illustrated and has gone into partnership with Lessa to unveil a collection of personalized mattresses.

She has recently stated that she is still busy with her life, maybe even more than before, but that she is happy that she can eat whatever she can now, although she does not take it too far.

I never used to be much of a sweets person, but as I get older, I love cheesecake and chocolate cake. Because I have it when I want it, I don’t overeat it. When I was younger, it was a little bit harder to control and have that balance. I used to think eating dessert was the enemy

Aly stated and we are happy to hear that she has time to enjoy food and good things in her life now.


Aly Raisman with his mom Lynn Reisman

Tish and Miley Doing a Little Bit of Grocery Shopping

The teen sensation turn singer Miley Cyrus is all over the news. Whether with rumors about her getting married, possibly being pregnant or actually doing a little bit of singing and performing, people cannot get enough of Miley. But what you do expect you to see doing is to go grocery shopping. Don’t famous people have somebody to help them do that? Apparently Miley wanted to feel normal for a change and was spotted with her mom and dad, Tish Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus doing a little bit of grocery shopping.

Tish is a busy woman herself, with all the reality shows and other things that she has on her plate, you would rarely assume that she has time to do that as well. But the family probably decided to escape from the life of celebrities and do something that regular people do. They went out of the car smiling and holding hands, and went back in with a whole bunch of bags with various items and straw hats, with Billy Ray doing most of the heavy lifting. It seems like a normal day in the Cyrus family household.


Tish Cyrus and Miley Cyrus

Christian Hendricks Blasts Alexis Dziena

Being a popular actress as Christina Hendricks leaves you with a lot of room to say what you want. Christina is certainly held as a beautiful woman but her curvy appearances has gotten some critique as she does not fit the bill of a modern skinny Hollywood celebrity. And why should she, Christina says that she feels fine how she looks and is really comfortable in her own skin. She does not want to be photoshoped to look different as she already displays everything that she has.

She even went on to critique Alexis Dziena for her appearance as she called her:

being presented as a bikini-clad sexpot in the execrable Fool’s Gold to be more than a little disturbing. Her tiny, rail thin body looks, well, more like that of a child than a woman in her mid-20s. But in Hollywood, Dziena is the rule, not the exception.

Perhaps Hendricks is right to say all of this as we are all heading to a place where too skinny is the new norm.


Alexis Dziena in bikini

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