Are You Hoping That David Visentin and Hilary Farr Will Come to Your City?

The home network show “Love it or List it” is one of the most popular shows on the home network channel. It is informative, funny, entertaining and very helpful. But people do not only watch it for entertainment, they would also like for the show to come and renovate their own homes a bit. The host of the show, Hilary Farr and David Visentin, are very charming hosts.

They do make quite a couple and their chemistry is what makes the show work. But being entertaining is not enough, the show also needs places to work their magic and find other homes where they could renovate and improve the housings of the people. But unfortunately, if you have ever hoped for them to come to your town and fix your home, you are out of luck if you are not located in the one of the two places the show has been filed. Some long-term viewers of the show may have noticed where the places are but it is clear that it starts in Canada.

Being that this is a show which originates from the Toronto network, they have decided for Quebec as their starting location for filming, Later on the crew moved to North Carolina and worked their magic there. For now these are the only two locations in their mind and there have been none other which could expand their offer. Fans can only hope that the show decides to expand and starts going on a tour.

Donny Deutsch Speaks Harshly About The President


Donny Deutsch is just one of the people who have stepped in line to criticize Donald Trump. But even though many people have started this as far back as the president was elected, Donny started doing that recently, The long term talk show host has displayed disgust with the president and his stand with the latest incident that happened. A white supremacist decided to ram his truck into a group of people who were protesting white supremacy. Donald Trump only went on to say that this was a sign of hatred on many sides.

This made Donny pretty angry as he sees that there is one side here who is at fault. “There are not many sides here,” Donny was adamant to say. He went even so far to accuse the president of being a racist. “When are we going to see it,” Donny Deutsch replied “The man is obviously a racist.” His critics were very sharp but you can actually see the point that he is making as Donald Trump did not actually accuse anybody or the right side. He just pointed this as a bad and a misfortunate thing in general. Very president like on his part.

Christina Tosi Brings Out the Cannoli

New York loves its cannoli. Christina Tosi, the judge at the latest MasterChef show agrees with this. She is proud of her Italian heritage and values this exquisite dessert as one of the most popular in all five boroughs of the New York area. This is why she wanted to bring forth a challenge for the contestants and offer them something that they may have not expected. Most contestants agree that they have been preparing for a pie or a cupcake, but Christina went for the big guns.

The contestants actually struggled with many parts of the process of making a good cannoli. Christina says that people think that the filling is the hard part but it is actually the crust and the shell. She says that many contestants disregarded this fact and it was the basic mistake that they made with the challenge brought in front of them.

Christina says that she made her first cannoli somewhere between the ages of 6 and 8. She did it with her father’s family who are from the Northern part of the Alps in Italy. This is probably the best way to learn the secret of the recipe and Christina used this against the contestants. But this is how you learn and you can only learn it from the best.

Sal Vulcano Went Through a Year of Roasting


What is the biggest prank you have ever pulled? Better yet, how long did you decide to keep the prank going? Sal Vulcano, the member of Tenderloin group and the hit TV show “Impractical Jokers” is a person who has probably suffered the longest and harshest punishment.

After climbing a statue in front of a museum in order to perform a stunt, Sal was charged by the Homeland Security as this act was illegal.

Later on, Sal was dismissed of the charges but Sal actually did not know that. Instead, their fellow actors decided to hire a bogus agent in order to pursue him. The joke went on for more than a year and Sal was under constant pressure of the actor agent, Are your friends so brutal? What would you do if somebody did this to you?

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