How to Treat Your Wife Like a Celebrity

As with everything else in life, it is the simple things that have the greatest impact. This is true with relationships as well. There are some fun things you can do to make your wife feel special. The secret, though is in being sincere in whatever it is you do. Let us look at a few ways in which you can appreciate your wife.

Compliment Her

Everyone loves to feel noticed and when you compliment your wife, you are telling her that you see her. If she is wearing a beautiful dress, has changed her hairstyle or has put fresh flowers in the lounge, let her know that you have noticed.

Give Her Quality Time

You are constantly on the move and the world outside seems to demand too much of your time. That is why it is important to consciously set some time apart to spend with your wife. If she loves going for walks, take her for a walk. Going to the theatre, watching romantic movies, going out for dinner or spending a quiet evening with you, whatever makes her happy, do it with her.

Remember Anniversaries


It is common knowledge men never remember dates but this does not have to be true. As a man, you can look for ways to remind yourself when a big day is approaching. You can save the dates on your phone, mark them on your calendar or use a method that is unique to you.

The important thing is to remember, and the best way to remember one of the most important anniversaries in your marriage is by sending birthday flowers for your wife. This will surprise her and you will see the love shining in her eyes.

Another important anniversary for you to remember is your wedding. By starting to plan early you will be able to celebrate this day with your wife in a special, well-thought-out way, and the message she gets is that you value the day you got married.

Date Her Again

It is normal for your life to slip into a routine as the months go by, but you can break the routine by taking her on a date, just like you did when courting. The message she gets is that she is still attractive to you and you love her.

Little Gestures

Touching your wife’s hand as you pass one another or giving her an unexpected hug communicates to her that the love flame is still burning. You can also write a small “I love you” note and place it next to her breakfast, in her jacket pocket, next to her car keys, or any other creative place. Look out for the bright smile on her face.

Small spontaneous gestures are important to your wife because through them she knows that your marriage is still fresh and alive and that you still love her.

Surprise Phone Call

You can never go wrong with a phone call made to your wife in the middle of the day. The call may come when she is feeling frustrated, unsure, confused or even happy. Whatever her mood, your call will make her heart skip a beat because the call tells her that you are thinking of her at that particular moment.

Cook For Her

When you think of all the days that your wife has cooked for you, you will discover that there is always a secret ingredient called love that is mixed in the food. You can reciprocate that love by letting her put her feet up while you tinker with the pots and pans in the kitchen.

Help With Household Chores


Imagine her face when she wakes up on a Saturday morning to find that you have taken out the trash or washed and wiped the dishes! She will instantly hug and kiss you as words will not be enough to express the joy she feels.

Make Her Laugh

In addition to bringing a smile on her face, do something that will make her laugh out loud. Laughter is a sign of happiness and making your wife happy relieves her of any stress she may be feeling at the time. Making your wife laugh shows that you care about her health and wellbeing as well, something that makes her feel greatly appreciated.

Be There For Her

Women love having someone to talk to about their fears, their joys and even decisions they have to make. By being that person for your wife, you will play a very important role in her life. Let her know that your shoulder is there for her to cry on and your ear is there to listen to her.

Showing your wife that she is appreciated will make her feel secure, loved and happy.