Ian Colletti Biography

Ian Colletti is an American born actor. He started off as a child actor appearing in shows and a few movies. His first role was in “Blue’s Clues” back in 2004 and he followed it with an appearance on “Waterfront” in 2006. He also had a single appearance on “The Sopranos” that not a lot of people are actually aware of.

Ian has managed to expand his career beyond being a child actor. He has added many new roles to his IMDB repertoire and is slowly building it up. Some of his other roles include movies like “Phoebe in Wonderland” (2008), “An Invisible Sign” (2008), “The Orphan Killer” (2010) and most recently “Mohawk” (2017). His most recent project is a movie “Windsor” (2018) where he is set to appear as the character of Jesse.


Ian Colletti in “Preacher”

Ian Colletti also has a developed TV series career. He appeared in an episode of “Blue Bloods”, had a role on “Rake” where he played the character of Finn Deane, and also is one of the stars on AMC’s “Preacher” where he plays the titular role of Arseface.

Ian Colletti Net Worth and Salary

Ian Colletti has expanded his acting credits recently and it seems that being one of the main roles on “Preacher” has helped him to learn more as an actor. In fact, it has also helped him get more credit in the community and generally get a higher salary. It was reported that he is getting 10,000 USD per movie and 1,000 USD per episode. These figures may have gone up since then, but his network is currently around 500,000 USD which will only go up after some time.


Ian Colletti, Greg Kinnear and Miranda Otto in “Rake”

Ian Colletti Girlfriend and Family

Even though Ian Colletti likes to live a lavishing lifestyle, he is still not comfortable displaying his private life on the web. You will rarely find any pictures of him and his girlfriends on Instagram or Facebook as he likes keeping things on the low. There are reports of Ian dating some of co-stars and co-workers form the sets of movies and shows where he appeared, but those are currently credited as rumors. There are no evidence to show us exactly who are his past love interest. It appears that Ian Collettti is currently single, but we might get to see more of him soon and his future girlfriends.

Ian Colletti Age

Ian Colletti is still fairly young. He is only 21 years old, having been born on 3rd March, 1997. Ian was born in New Jersey, Trenton, USA. He spent his young life there. Since he started off as a child actor his future has been laid out for him at a fairly young age. Some child actors do not make it after passing their prime period of their acting lives, but Ian ignored all the premises and continued. Now he has a good position in the acting community and his life.


Ian Colletti today

Height and Weight

Ian Colletti has a very nice build. He is young and strong and you can see from his Instagram pics that he likes to dress well. He also likes to spend a lot of money on clothes and fancy things, which somebody wouldn’t have guessed about him. Either way, he is 175 cm tall and weighs about 70 kg. He prepares well for his roles and is physically active.

Ian Colletti Sister

Ian Colletti has a younger sister who was also a child actress. Her name is Zoe Colletti and she is famous for starring in “Annie” (2014) as Tessa and in a movie called “American Man” (2006) where she appeared as Emma Wilson. Ian and Zoe are very close and help each other with their careers. They both started at a fairly young age and it appears that currently Ian is doing much better for himself. But, we might get to see more from Zoe pretty soon.


Ian Colletti and his sister Zoe Colletti

Nationality and Ethnicity

Ian Colletti is American by birth and he has spent all of his life there. He also is Caucasian based on his ethnic background.

[table caption=”Biography & Facts” width=”500″ colwidth=”150|350″ colalign=”left|center”]
Born:,March 3 1997
Net Worth:,$500000
Salary:,$10000 per movie and $1000 per episode
Hair Color:,Light Brown
Eye Color:,Green
Height:,175 cm
Weight:,70 kg
Married to:,No
Affair with:,N/A
Birth Sign:,Pisces

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