Inspiring Women That Do Great Things of 2019

Women make the world go around. But not a lot of them have been given credit for it. Luckily, we have reached a time where people have started to appreciate what women do more and more. Finally, credit is given where it is due and more and more females are being praised for their achievements in various fields.

We see it all over; Women directors have been credited for successful movies. Female actresses are doing their own thing and have become started leading their own franchises. There are still a lot more of them that are going to be praised for the work that they have done.

But all of these women couldn’t have done it on their own. In order to achieve in a certain field, you have to be inspired to do so. Many females owe a lot of credit to the ones that have inspired them to do so. There are many wonderful and talented women on the internet currently that have the ability to inspire their followers and make them great. Here are just a few of them.

Chelsea Akauai

Chelsea is a visual artist and a deep sea diver. She is an adventurous person and considers everything that she does really passionately. She is the real proof that anything is possible once you set your mind to it.

Chelsea is a really inspiring female figure as she constantly shares her posts from her various adventures. Her stories are also really good as there you can see her magnetic personality and it is there she is able to influence a lot of people. She has already managed to inspire a lot of people to follow their dreams and do whatever it takes to reach them.

Kiki – The Blonde Abroad

Kiki is one of the pioneers when it comes to inspiring women. She started with a simple Instagram account as she decided to travel the world and share with all the people her travel destinations. She proclaims herself as an escape artist and tires to show to all the people that it is easy to escape to a great place but you only need to want it.

She has blossomed into a very successful businesswoman and now owns her own blog called The Blonde Abroad. She showcases the best of what going on a trip can give and lives life to the fullest.

Eva Swain


Eva Swain is the owner and founder of the Women’s Guide site. She describes herself as a 28-year-old mom and as a person who is there to inspire other people to make better choices in their lives. She mainly speaks to women and she wants to give them a voice so they can express themselves better and get a voice for themselves.

Eva values the ability of women to be strong and independent and tries to show each and every one of them that if they strive to it they can reach their unlimited potential. For someone who has not done this for a very long time, Evan Swain has managed to gain a lot of popularity and attract her own audience base. She is certainly somebody to look upon on and get inspired by.

Christian Schaffer

Christian Schaffer is a very popular and talented female photographer. She also started with just an Instagram page and gained her popularity by showing photographs of landscapes and places that she has visited. Due to her enormous potential, she has grown beyond that.

She says that she, herself, has been inspired by a lot of other influential women and it has driven her to reach her own goals. Her story is the best example of how to achieve and if other women want to be like her they should follow her steps to gain the best potential that they can.

Breeze Turner


Breeze Turner likes to show pictures of herself and her dog Watson. She is based out of Lake Tahoe, Nevada and mainly does her stories and photographs from there. But she likes to travel elsewhere and brings her dog to every adventure that she goes to.

Breeze shows how easy it is to do something once you set your mind to it. Beauty is everywhere and you only need to jump up and reach it. Sometimes it is as easy as that.

Rachel Hollis

Mrs. Rachel Hollis is probably the closest equivalent of a real live Wonder Woman. She does it all and she can do everything. She has four kids and a number of successful businesses that she runs by herself. She even has a podcast that she does with her husband which aims to inspire her followers and give advice to women.

Furthermore, she is a successful publisher and a lot of people may have heard about her book “Girls Wash Your Face.” This book is enough to make you understand what Mrs. Hollis is all about. Probably the most successful entrepreneur on the list and a woman that everyone should strive to be.

Jenna Kutcher


Jenna Kutcher is one of the most inspiring females gives for other girls. She has managed to overcome her own issues with body shaming and the way she looks and now helps others to do so as well. Her main goal is to inspire other people to take the steps that she did and strive to make yourself better.

Jenna also has her podcast that she uses to spread her influence with. It is called Goal Digger and can mainly help you understand what you need to do to get things done. It is very inspiring stuff and you should listen to her so you can understand better what she is all about.

Joanna Gains

Joanna Gains is known for her show, that she runs with her husband Chip Gains, Fixer Upper. The show runs on HGTV and shows how inspiring Joanna and her husband really are. They strive to bring happiness to everyone and are really joyful people to know.

Joanna has also started a number of businesses and she runs all of it with her husband. They also have five kids together and many more plans on the way. If you want more inspiration on real estate and life goals than Joanna is the best person to follow.

Christina Galbato


Christina Galbato has managed to gain worldwide popularity in only two years. She started small with an Instagram pave and has managed to grow so she now has her brand name called the Bold Brunette.

Christina is a true inspiration to anyone as she shows how easy it is to achieve if you have a clear picture ahead of you. She now offers a startup boot camp for rookies on Instagram as she shares her story and shows the way she was able to achieve. Besides that, she also has enough time to travel everywhere where she wants.

Katrina A. Scott

Katrina A. Scott is one of the founders of Tone-It-Up. She managed to develop one of the biggest fitness communities all due to her charming personality and honesty. She is a very adorable person and very liked and loving, which only adds to her greatness.

She is not a fake, as many people are. Katrina runs a tight shift and wants to show everyone that they can be the same as her. You just have to love her and she is a real inspiration to all women who want to make something out of themselves.