It is Hard to Call the Shots in the Kitchen if your Husband is a Celebrity Chef

Guy and Lori Fieri are a very famous couple and they get along great. But Lori has confessed that it can be a struggle when it comes to calling shots in the kitchen. One time Guy even went over her recipe and decided to fix it. He explains this as a professional curtsy and that he cannot help doing it. Lori made a very simple dish which she calls egg noodles. It involves some ground beef, canned gravy and mixing it up with garlic and some onion.

Guy even named it Rhode Island Beef and Noodles because his wife was from Rhode Island. Lori actually really liked the recipe the way it was, but Guy decided to experiment a little bit with it. He eventually elevated it with more quality meat instead of beef and added some wine when cooking it. When Lori saw it for the first time she said: “Well, that is not the way it goes.” Either way, their kids like it both ways, but Lori still prefers the old fashioned one.

Jo Green and Hugh Laurie Say that There was no Infidelity

Hugh Laurie became immensely popular during his stint as Doctor House and while filming House M.D. But it also took a toll on his private and family life. So much so that his wife almost divorced him. But a lot of rumors actually said that the problem was related to Hugh having an affair.

This was finally resolved as Jo admitted that they were once very close to calling it quits but Hugh has testified numerous times that he did not have an affair. Jo Green did not want to move to America and did not want to bring their children there, while Hugh had to stay there during the filming of the show. Once the show ended they resolved their issues and got back to normal.


Jo Green and her husband

How did Lori Greiner fall for Dan in the First Place

People are very much familiar with Shark Tank famous Lori Greiner, but little is known about her husband Dan. Well, one of the most interesting things is the way they met. They actually met at a bar. You would things that Lori is not a kind of a girl that hangs out there but this must have been faith.

Dan Greiner says that he did not know who she was at the time and has worked out the courage to come and talk to her based on her looks. Lori often jokes that she does not believe that story as he most certainly knew who she was and that it is the reason why he offered her a drink in the first place. We might never know the answer to this but it sealed their relationship which they are maintaining even to this day.


Sarah Barg Claims that Glen Campbell did Not Take her Away from Mac Davis

Glen Campbell had a very boisterous life if it is to say. He had four marriages and ended up divorcing each of his wives during that period. The third one of them was Sarah Barg whom he married in 1976. Sarah was first married to Glen’s friend Mac Davis, who was a country singer as well. Glen and Sarah first met when he was invited to a dinner party that Mac and Sarah had. He claims that he was immediately swapped by Sarah and that he thought that she was a beauty. But he also claimed that he did not steal her away from his friend.

He valued his friendship and that it was only when they got divorced that Sarah and Glen started seeing each other. Sarah has concerned this claim and stated that Glen was a person who always wanted to get what he wanted but not at a cost of friendship.


Deborah Stern Wedding Pics Finally Emerge

Deborah Jennifer Stern, the daughter of the eccentric celebrity Howard Stern, recently got married. But the wedding was kept very secretive and there have not been many pictures unlived about it. Some were hoping for a leaked cell-phone photo or something like that, but nothing came out of it. Finally there have been some leaded photos seen and for the most part, the wedding went well. But what people have been interested to see was whether Howard will make an appearance.

Deborah says that he did attend that that he did not have any confrontations with her mother, although many people do not believe this claim. Either way, the leaked images do not show Howard at all and he claims that he looks awful in the pictures and that it is better for all the people that they should not be seen. It appears that most of the wedding facts will be left to our imagination only.

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