J Alvarez Biography

J Alvarez is a Puerto Rican reggeaton singer. His real name is Javid David Alvarez Fernandez, but has taken the pseudonym of J Alvarez as his stage name, which he is mostly known for.

He started getting interested in music when he was very young. In fact he used to perform at school and would often sing in front of the whole class. Since he was not much interested in school he started pursuing a career in music. He liked listening to music and specifies Tego Calderon and Benji Gonzalez as his influences in life. One time he was introduced to DJ Nelson through his cousin and they started working together as they had good chemistry between them. In 2009, J Alvarez singed for Flow Music and in the same year came up with his debut album called “El Dueño Del Sistema.”

One year later there was a special edition of the same album released as well. J Alvarez kept busy and made his second studio album in 2011 titled “Otro Nivel de Musica.” As with the first one, there was a special edition released of the second album titled “Otro Nivel de Musica Reloaded,” which came out in May, 2012. This album brought J Alvarez his fame and also many awards. He was nominated for the Best Urban Music Album at the 2012 Latin Grammy Awards. In 2015 his third studio album was marked for release titled “De Camino Pa’ La Cima.” The album immediately debuted at number 2 in its second week on Top Latin Albums.

J Alvarez also produced a number of mixtapes and has collaborated with a number of artists which are also famous in the industry. They include Mackie, Zion, Farruko and Daddy Yankee.

J Alvarez Net Worth and Salary

J Alvarez started from a very small town in Puerto Rico but did manage to make it big in his life. The sales of his albums and his music are running steadily. He is getting popular and popular with ever new album and every new endeavor he does. This also resulted in him acquiring a pretty nice wealth for him which is now estimated at 4 million dollars for his net worth.

J Alvarez Girlfriend

J Alvarez is mostly seen with a lot of girls. But there are not exact information about his relationship status. He is very much inserted in girls, that is for sure, but seems to be changing them all the time. He is a handsome and well-dressed man so it is no wonder that he enjoys the attention of many girls. Even though he has had a lot of girlfriends there have been not many famous ones. He keeps to same circles and keeps things quiet. Thus we can say that he is single and we also know that he has not married before. He does not have any children as it is stated, but does not mind the fact of setting down someday and having a family.

J Alvarez Age

The artist J Alvarez was born as Javid David Alvarez Fernandez. He was born and raised in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico and his birthday is on December 13, 1983. His current age is 32 years old. Although he is of Dominican descent he spent all of his childhood and life in Puerto Rico. There are no records of his school days, but we do know that he did not appreciate attending school so much. This is the reason why he turned to music. Also there is no exact record about him having any siblings.


J Alvarez’s real name is Javid David Alvarez Fernandez

Height and Weight

J Alvarez is a very handsome man and likes to dress exclusively. His sharp looks have defined his style and also made him into a popular Puerto Rican icon. He enjoys the attention and thrives to bring the best that he can. The ladies are the ones who appreciate this the most and they like how J Alvarez carries himself. He is lean and muscular and maintain great fitness.

Is J Alvarez Gay?

There are not a lot of information about J Alvarez’s girlfriends, but there are even less information about him being gay. Also rumors about him being bi-sexual are not true. He keeps his affairs as private as possible and prefers to keep things that way, but has never been linked to having a gay relationship. He is heterosexual and is interested in girls.


J Alvarez

Nationality and Ethnicity

J Alvarez was born in Puerto Rico and has spent most of his life there, but both of his parents are Dominican. So based on his nationality he is Puerto Rican, as he was born there, but comes from a Dominican descent. His ethnic group is Latin.

Biography & Facts
Born: December 13 1983
Nationality: Puerto Rican
Ethnicity: Latin
Religion: N/A
Profession: Singer
Net Worth: $ 4 million
Salary: N/A
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Married to: Not yet
Affair with: N/A
Children: No
Birth Sign: Sagittarius
Education: N/A