Jake Short Age, Height, Net Worth

Jake Short is an American born actor, mostly popular for his roles on the Disney Channel. He is currently portraying the role of Fletcher Quimby on Disney Channel’s “A.N.T. Farm,” which is probably his most prominent role up to date, and also for the character of Nose Noseworthy in the family comedy “Shorts” (2009). Jake Short is still a very young actor and he has his whole career ahead of him. His best roles are yet to come.

Jake Started off his career at a very young age as he played the role of Daniel in a documentary “Anna Nicole” in 2007. This was the role that got him started and ever since that he was seen in other TV series and movies which made his career grow. 2009 was one of the more important years for Jake Short. He started in his first eve motion picture in the lead role as he appeared as the titled character in “Shorts” (2009). Next came roles at shows like “Zeke and Luther,” Dexter” and “Futurestates.” In 2010 he played alongside William Shatner in an episode of “$#*! My Dad Says” and after which he got the role which put him on the map in the “A.N.T. Farm.” He is currently playing roles on shows as “Mighty Med” and “Lab Rats: Elite Force.”


“Shorts” (2009)

Jake Short also has a very talented voice and can sing pretty well. For his role on “Shorts” he was given a “Artist Award for Best Performance in a Young Ensemble Cast.” He got it in 2010 and has performed the song alongside Counting Dayz.

Jake is still a very young actor and has the majority of his most important roles ahead of him. These are certainly going to come as he is both young and handsome and as it appears he has managed to break the hearts of some ladies in the business already.

Jake Short Net Worth and Salary

Thanks to his work and by regally appearing on the Disney Channe, Jake Short is doing all right for him. There are not many young actors which have managed to already earn a net worth as he has currently. His aspiring work as an actor is going really well for him and he is earning more and more with every each role. His salary is not disclosed officially but it appears that his roles are certainly getting him somewhere. The net worth of Jake Short is valued at 6 million dollars currently.

Partner and Parents, Brother


Jake Short and China Anne McClain

Jake Short is not married and has never been divorced for that matter. He is still young to already have a wife, but he has a lot of relationships with some of his fellow cast members behind him already. He was romantically involved with Piper Curda, a singer and an actress, and they had been together for quite some time. But Jake had an affair with China Anne McClain, also a singer-songwriter and an actress, which prompted him to end his relationship with Piper. As his relationship with China is currently not defined people are treating him as being single and we cannot really comment what is his relationship status currently. Some other past girlfriends also include Alexxis Lemire as well.

As far as his close family goes, Jake also has a brother and two sisters. His brother is named AJ and his two sisters are Jessilyn and Gillian.


Alexxis Lemire and Jake Short

Jake Short Age

Jake Short was born in Indianapolis, Indian in the USA. He has spent most of his young life there and even got involved in acting while he was still there. He would later move to California and stay with his grandmother as it helped him pursue his acting career even further. He is now back in Indian where he is spending most of his time but also makes frequent trips to California. His birthday is on May 30, 1997 and he is currently 20 years old.

Jake Short Height and Weight

One of the things which is an advantage for Jake Short in the acting world is his appearance. He is very handsome and likeable and has also helped him get many roles within his acting career so far. He is very much popular with the girls which make up most of his fans. He is 5’8” tall and weighs 60 kg.

Is Jake Short Gay?

Jake Short has never been reported to be gay. His is mainly seen in the tabloids for his movie roles but you can find a lot about his love life there as well. One of the things that he is very popular for is the fact that he has been linked with many actresses and singers. He is as popular with the girls as the majority of his fans are young women. He is thus not reported to be gay and his dating record proves it.


Jake Short

Nationality and Ethnicity

Jake Short has an American nationality and his ethnic group is Caucasian.

[table caption=”Biography & Facts” width=”500″ colwidth=”150|350″ colalign=”left|center”]
Born:,May 30. 1997.
Net Worth:,6 million dollars
Hair Color:,White Brown
Eye Color:,Blue
Height:,5’ 8”
Weight:,60 kg
Married to:,No
Affair with:,Piper Curda / Alexxis Lemire / China Anne McClain
Birth Sign:,Gemini

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