James Charles Biography

James Charles is an American YouTube personality and makeup artist. He is mostly known for his YouTube channel where he offers makeup tutorials and beauty secrets.

The pinnacles of Charles’ career came in 2016 when he was elected to become an ambassador of CoverGirl, a feat never before achieved by a male.

James Charles Net Worth

Charles’ storming success which saw him becoming one of the most subscribed figures on YouTube has also hit his pocket. Due to the enormous success that he has been having with his channel and additional work that he has been doing away from the YouTube platform it enabled him to become a millionaire.

As of now, James Charles net worth is $22 million. Actually, James’ net worth skyrocketed in only a year as the figure doubled from $12 million really quickly to where it stands now.

James Charles Age

James Charles is still in his 20s and as of writing this article, he is 21 years old. Charles was born on May 23, 1999.

James Charles Height & Weight

When talking about numbers, people mostly talk about Charles’s subscribers. But people are also interested in some more details regarding Charles, namely his height and weight.

Since you don’t get to experience the exact physical attributes of a person by viewing a clip on YouTube, you should know that Charles is 5’10” (175cm) tall and weighs 150lbs (68kg).

James Charles Early Life

Charles’s full name is James Charles Dickinson. He was born in Bethlehem, New York and he attended the Bethlehem Central Highs School, from which he graduated in June 2017.

Not a lot is known about his father, but it is said that he helped to convert their basement to create a makeup studio for James. His mother is Christie Dickinson and she was more than supported about his career. James also has a younger brother called Ian Dickinson, or now Ian Jeffrey as he too is a social star.

Who is James Charles Dating?

James Charles is openly gay and he does not hide the fact. But his dating is a little bit convoluted. There is no confirmation of him having a steady relationship nor a current boyfriend but there are some rumors that are going about certain other celebrities.

James talks about dating on his videos a lot and fans that are caught up know how he feels about hooking up with other guys.

At one point, Charles announced that he matched with a fellow YouTuber, David Dobrik, on Bumble. However, it was never confirmed if the two had a relationship or not. David said that he was just promoting the app and going on virtual dates with fans. While James said that the two of them are great friends.

Apparently, James Charles has a lot of suitors all of his social media accounts are filled with comments of courtship.

James Charles Career

James Charles started his YouTube career in 2015 when he created his channel. He quickly gained popularity as a male beauty guru. There haven’t been many make makeup experts on YouTube back then so he was unique in that sense.

His initial success brought him 5 million subscribers really fast.

It took him only a year to become the spokesmodel for CoverGirl cosmetics brand, which is a very impressive feat. It gets even more impressive when you know that he was the first male to become the face of CoverGirl. He developed a close relationship with the brand’s ambassador Katy Perry, who helped him achieved greater success.

James Charles currently has 19.5 million subscribers on YouTube.

In 2019, Charles did the makeup for Iggy Azalea for her music video “Sally Walker,” where he also made a cameo appearance.

In 2020, he announced that he will be creating a YouTube series called Instant Influencer, which aims to find the next beauty influencer star.

James Charles Controversy

James Charles was involved in a few controversies during his career. He was criticized for his Ebola joke and comments about people in Africa and also came under heavy scrutiny for his comments on trans men. James publicly apologized for both of the incidents and explained that he is not transphobic and that he used the wrong words to describe the situation.

But a bigger controversy came after Tati Westbrook, a YouTube celebrity and rival, posted her BYE SISTER video, openly criticizing James. Westbrook accused James of manipulating people’s sexuality and for using fame and money to play with people’s emotions.

As a result of the video, James lost over a million subscribers in only one day, which is viewed as a record in terms of unsubscribes on YouTube. Charles uploaded an answer vide called “Tati” where he explained the situation and apologized to both her and her husband. This helped Charles bounce back and he quickly gained back almost all of the subscribers he had lost.