James Holzhauer Biography

James Holzhauer is an American professional gambler and is known for being a game show contestant. In fact, he is currently the most successful game show contestant having also gained the third most amount of earrings in American game show history.

James gained recognition for his amazing 32-win run as a champion on the famous game show Jeopardy which he achieved between April and June 2019. During that period he also set a number of single-game records and also became the Tournament of Champions winner in November 2019.

James Holzhauer Net Worth

Holzhauer won $2,464,216 on Jeopardy, which makes him the second-highest winner during regular play. He added $250,000 for becoming the Tournament of Champions winner and another $250,000 for being the runner-up at the Greatest of All Time Tournament.

James Holzhauer net worth is $2,964,216, which is the third-highest winnings on Jeopardy only Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter.

James Holzhauer also set a single-game winning record of $131,127 and due to all of his success at the show, he was promptly nicknamed “Jeopardy James.”

According to Curatedmag.com all of his success at the show has brought his net worth to $1.5 million.

James Holzhauer Age

James Holzhauer is 35 years old as he was born in 1984. His hometown is Naperville, Illinois, USA.

James Holzhauer Height & Weight

James Holzhauer has quite a normal physique as he is 176cm tall and weighs about 70kg.

James Holzhauer Early Life

Holzhauer was born to a missed family. His father was a German immigrant while his grandmother was Japanese. James actually made a promise to his grandmother that she would get to see him appear on Jeopardy before she dies. His grandmother actually spoke very little English.

When James was four his teacher was amazed to see his arithmetic abilities and needed to create advanced classes for him. At the age of seven, he skipped a grade and was moved to a grade higher. James also competed on the Naperville North High School math team.

However, overall, Holzhauer was a C-level student. He often skipped school and failed to do his homework as he spent most of his time in a more productive way, based on his words. He actually dedicated his time to playing online poker and memorizing obscure baseball and wrestling stats.

He did graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics in 2005.

James Holzhauer Family

James Holzhauer is married to Melissa Sassin. Melissa is a tutor from Seattle, Washington, and is also known for being a game show contestant. Unlike James, she competed in Who Wants to be a Millionaire and has won $28,800 in 2014.

The two of them got married on September 8, 2014. While on November 9. 2014 their daughter Natasha was born.

James professed that he used the important dates in his life as wagers on Jeopardy.

James Holzhauer Career

James Holzhauer made his first appearance at a game show quiz in 2014 in a show called The Chase. He and his team got to the Final Chase Round where they won $53,000.

In 2015, James competed in the American quiz show 500 questions. However, James didn’t manage to get a victory here and hasn’t won anything. It was then when he started appearing on Jeopardy as he appeared on 33 episodes of season 35. It was during this time that he made his miraculous run of 32 victories.

During that time he got a record for the largest single-game total in the season with $43,680. He also broke the single-game Jeopardy record by winning 110,914. Additionally, he obtained $131,127 which is a record for the most single-game winnings. James is also the only player in Jeopardy history to win more than $100,000 in a single episode, a feat he managed six times now.

In total, he won an astounding $2,464,216 for his appearances on Jeopardy.

James also got into gambling and playing poker while he was a student. He participated in the 2006 World Baseball Classic and enhanced his winnings there. He would then move to Las Vegas in 2008 with the aim of professionally betting on sports. He claims that he has predicted models for NFL, baseball, and college basketball but rather focused on in-game betting.

It was in 2019 that he finally made his debut on the World Series of Poker. Even though he didn’t win any money he did manage to finish 454th overall out of 1,800 participants.

James has also confessed that his dream is to get a job in a front-office position at an MLB club. Being a longtime Chicago Cubs fan he has already sought employment numerous times in various franchises. However, he is contractually obliged with a non-compete clause with Jeopardy which ran out in January 2020 allowing him to pursue his potential dream further.