Jamie Kern Lima Net Worth

Jamie Kern Lima net worth is currently around $440 million. That makes her one of the most successful women in the USA, but that didn’t come “overnight”. We can say that she made fortune by selling her “secret” makeup to L’Oreal for $1.2 billion, but that wouldn’t be fair. It actually needed years of hard work and nerves of steel.

Jamie Kern Lima Net Worth: $440 million

Jamie Kern Lima Education and Career

Jamie was born on July 16, 1977 in San Rafael, California. When she was young, her family moved to Des Moines, Washington where she graduated at the Washington State University and at the Columbia Business School in 2004.

She worked her way through the college by working on four different jobs: babysitting, receptionist, waitress, and teaching gymnastics.

In 1999 she won a Baywatch competition and was crowned Miss Washington USA. A year after that she almost won the Reality TV Show Big Brother. She was fourth. She used that popularity to pursue a career as a journalist. Jamie actually thought that journalism is something she would be doing for the rest of her career. In 2004 Jamie Kern Lima worked as a field reporter for KNDU and KPTV from Portland, Oregon.

While working as a reporter and a television news anchor she started experiencing troubles with a skin condition called rosacea. And because that skin condition causes redness on her face it was pretty noticeable in front of a camera. There weren’t any beauty products that could help her conceal that redness. She was extremely frustrated because of that. And at the same time, she saw a hole in the market for skin care products. That is why she quit her job and decided to pursue her biggest obsession – makeup.

Jamie Followed Her Instinct

Jamie Kern Lima joined forces with her husband who had some prior experience in marketing. They made a business plan and started their “research and development” that lasted for a couple of years. The two of them worked with plastic surgeons that helped them develop a special formula. However, she needed investors to get the job done. She met with representatives from major cosmetic companies for years but without any success.

For ten years, she and her team worked 100-hour weeks and they haven’t taken a day off since the company was launched. Those companies simply didn’t see a point in that kind of a product, and one of those representatives even refused Jamie Kern Lima because of the size of her waistline – which is absurd and scandalous!

But, luckily, QVC stepped up.

Jamie Kern Lima IT Cosmetics

IT Cosmetics survived because of Jamie. She used the skills she adopted as a reported and made in-store appearances, marketed her products on YouTube, and talked on QVC live. That last one was a turning point for IT Cosmetics. She had only 10 minutes to make people buy her products and she used all the money she had for packaging. That was it. She made her appearance, talked calmly to the camera, removed her makeup to show her cheek and reveal her rosacea. Finally, she applied IT Cosmetics products and everything that was wrong with her skin disappeared in 30 seconds. She sold everything that she had and that is when her career really began.

People started buying all the products from IT Cosmetics and, according to CNBC, by early 2016, IT Cosmetics projected to pass over $400 million worth of sales. That is when L’Oreal noticed a true value of this company and, in August 2016, they made a $1.2 billion in cash for IT Cosmetics.

Where is Jamie Kern Lima Now?

Even though IT Cosmetics was sold to L’Oreal, Jamie is staying to run IT Cosmetics. She is the first female CEO in L’Oreal. However, this will not be the end of the line for Jamie. In an interview she gave to “Forbes” she said, “I am just scratching the surface of what I have to give and what I have to do.”

This is how it all started on QVC Live.

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Net Worth:,$440 million
Born:,July 16 – 1977
Hair Color:,Brown
Eye Color:,Blue
Height:, 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m)
Education:,Washington State University

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