Jeff Tietjens Hitting it Big with His Spousal Settlement

Marrying a celebrity is fantastic for a person’s career and it works even better when you decide to divorce that person. If you are not a celebrity yourself and do not have so much money to your name, you can only hope to get a very hefty settlement after you decide to split. There are many such cases but it is often the woman who is on the receiving end. But Jeff Tietjens changes all of that as he is divorcing his talk show wife Aish Tyler.

Actually, Tietjens’s lawyer filed for divorce in 2016 and he claimed that the couple is not together for over a year now. Finally, the divorce was settled and the ruling came that Aisha should pay $31,250 per month as spousal support for the period of four years, which will amount to a total of $1.5 million. Also, she needs to continue pay for his life insurance policy by 2020 which annually comes to $500,000. Their property and assets will be divided among themselves and it includes a Hollywood Hills home, which they sold for $2 million. Jeff has managed to get himself a pretty good deal, if you ask us.

Many Celebrities Gathered at the Kennedy Center Honors, But also a Surprising One

The recent Kennedy Center Honors will be the eight and also the final time Barack Obama appears their with his wife under the guise of president. He and his family have made it a tradition to appear here at this annual event, but this time they have made their last appearance as commander in chief and the first lady. Next time Barack and Michelle get there they are going to come as a normal couple. This even was thus much more special and there have been a lot of celebrities in attendance which included former president Bill Clinton, singer Cheryl Crow and former Beatles drummer Ringo Star.

The honorees inducted this year included Argentine pianist Martha Argerich, actor Al Pacino, musician James Taylor, blues singer Mavis Staples and the rock band The Eagles. Interestingly enough, in attendance was also Cindy Millican, who is the former wife of Glenn Frey, one of the founding members of The Eagles. This seems very interesting to see as Cindy and Glenn have had a very messy divorce. Either way Cindy seemed glad to be in attendance to see this memorable event go through.


Looking Good Mrs. Sandler

Hawaii, Maui beach and it is where you might spot some celebrities doing their things. One of them is Adam Sandler, the prolific actor, who decided to get his family out for a good old time boogie boarding. He was spotted with his two daughters and his loving wife Jackie Sandler enjoying some time in the sun. But the picture which swept us all was that of Mrs. Sandler rocking a two piece bikini. Even in her late age Jackie has certainly have the stuff. Jackie was the one who grabbed all of the attentions of the viewers and this time Jackie was the star of the show and not Adam.



Jackie Sandler in bikini

Next Step for India Westbrooks, Porn Star!!!

India Westbrooks has become famous for her good looks and her social networking skills. It helped her reach the heights that she has now and she became a model and a reality show star. But can she go another step further? We recently saw India do what she does best, and that is post pictures on the Instagram page. This time she revealed more than the fans were hoping for. She posted a picture wearing a skimpy sea-through dress showing almost everything except her nipples. As you would expect the picture was immediately flooded with comments. But what you would not expect is for most of those comments to be negative.

Both the media and a lot of fans have slammed India for her promiscuity and have posted bad comments about her pic. One of the comments reads “Porn Star next.” A lot of them were negative about her doing this sort of thing, but there are a lot of those who would actually like to see her do one. What is your opinion and do you think that India is doing her self a favor in doing this.


Was Adding Courtney Thorne-Smith to “Ally McBeal” a Good Move

After almost 20 years after the show has ended, both the makers and fans have been talking about All McBeal recently. A gathering was held where the majority of the former stars attended and the journalists also had a talk with the makers of the show. The most important topic was the removal of Anna Gunn and the addition of Courtney Thorne-Smith. Back then, Anna did not seem as a promising way to go while Courtney was a promising young actress who came out of “Melrose Place.”

Even then, some critics were skeptical of her being added to the mix, but later proved to be a good enough choice for the show to continue. But with the success of Anna Gunn making with “Breaking Bad” and her two Emmy Awards, the feeling is that they did not read the situation well back then. Even the makers of the show regret doing it now and think that Anna would have managed to pull it off and could have been a great choice to remain on the show. But alas, things were not meant to be so.

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