Jeff Tietjens Biography

Jeff Tietjens is a successful public attorney with his own law firm located in both New York and San Francisco. He is not what you would call a genuine celebrity. His trait is not the sole thing which brought him into the limelight. He actually got there by marriage. Jeff married Aisha Tyler who is a talk show host and an actress.

Aisha rose to fame with her many acting roles and appearances in the film industry. She has even started directing some projects and it brought her more fame and popularity. As far as Jeff goes, he is a simple attorney, but one who earns quite well for his trait.

He studied law at Dartmouth College and it is where he met Aisha as well. He got his degree in the 1990s and from there on went to make a very successful career. Everything was well in Jeff Tietjens’ life until the recent scandal which broke out in relation to their divorce.


Jeff Tietjens and his ex-wife Aisha Tyler

Jeff Tietjens Net Worth and Salary

Jeff Tietjens is quite a successful attorney. He has not been featured in any of the news because of his fame but his law firm is pretty successful. He owns a practice which has offices both in New York and San Francisco. His exceptional work as led him to be worth almost as much as his much successful wife. As it was reported unofficially, Jeff Tietjens’ net worth is somewhere around 5 million dollars.

Jeff Tietjens Wife, Marriage and Family Details

Jeff Tietjens initially got popular because of his marriage to Aisha Tyler. He and Aisha got to know each other while they were at college. They started dating shortly after they met and actually have stayed together for a very long time. They got married back in 1994 and had a happy relationship for more than 20 years. There were no signs of problems and them being in a situation that they could divorce.


Jeff Tietjens with Aisha Tyler

The news broke up recently and it was cited that the reason behind them ending their marriage is due to inconceivable differences. But there is another reason behind their divorce and it could be that it was due to lack of children.

The couple never had a child and Aisha was never able to conceive a baby. There are not information who was at fault because of that, but it is what led them to a path of divorce. The divorce was messy and it took a toll on Aisha which wanted to stay married. It was Jeff who pushed for the divorce and it after separating in 2015 they got legally divorced in 2016.

Jeff Tietjens Age

Jeff Tietjens was born in 1968, so he is currently 49 years old. He is living in San Francisco, California currently but he is not originally from there. He studied at Dartmouth College and resided in Hanover, New Hampshire for a part of his life. But his exact place of birth is not known currently as his popularity is not as high as his former wife’s is.


Jeff Tietjens today

Height and Weight

Besides being a successful attorney, Jeff Tietjens is quite a handsome man. He keeps himself fit and trains regularly. Even in his middle age he still has the looks and the ability to attract the opposite sex. Seeing his pictures will confirm his good looks and current fitness. But since he only got into the news very recently because of the divorce to his wife, many details are missing. Thus his body measurements as well as height and weight are unknown to the general public.

Is Jeff Tietjens Gay?

Despite of many rumors, Jeff Tietjens is not gay. He is a straight man and has always been interested into women all of his life. There were some rumors that the divorce was ultiamtley made because of infidelity with a man, but those are not true. But it could have been possible as the main reason behind the divorce is the fact that Aisha was not able to conceive a child.


Jeff Tietjens

All in all, Jeff’s sexuality cannot be brought to question as there are no other evidence to support him being gay.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Jeff Tietjens was born in America and his nationality is American. But his roots are a little bit complicated but it is known that he has descendants from Italy. He is Caucasian by ethnic group.

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Net Worth:,$ 5 million
Hair Color:,Brown
Eye Color:,Blue
Height:,5 Feet 8 Inch
Married to:,No
Affair with:,N/A
Birth Sign:,N/A
Education:,Dartmouth College

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