Jeremie Harris Biography

Jeremie Harris is an up and coming American actor who appears mostly on TV. He is currently reckoned for being a part of the main cast on FX’s “Legion”, the show about Marvel superheroes and mutants, where he plays Ptonamy Wallace. You will also recognize him for his recurring role on “The Get Down”, where he had the role of Shane Vincent.

Jeremie Harris actually started his career by appearing on a short called “Orange Bow” (2005). He continued making movies and has appeared in a number of them, but he was mainly used in smaller roles. He stars in “The Angriest Man in Brooklyn” (2014), “A Walk Among the Tombstones” (2014), “Bushwick” (2017), “Love Beats Rhymes” (2017) and “After Party” (2017).


Jeremie Harris in “Legion”

Jeremie Harris also has a short TV series repertoire, attested by IMDB. He stared in single episodes of shows like “Person of Interest” and ‘Blue Bloods”.

Jeremie Harris Net Worth and Salary

Currently, Jeremie Harris is worth about 700,000 US dollars. He is still trying to make it big but since he is a young and talented actor, his career can only go upwards. Jeremie is going in a slow paste and is not rushing anywhere so he will surely land a major role soon. After his portrayal on “Legion” this will surely happen sooner rather than later.


Jeremie Harris and Herizen F. Guardiola in “The Get Down”

Girlfriend and Family

Jeremie Harris keeps a low profile when it comes to dating. He rarely shares anything about his private life and almost never talks about it. The does the same with his social network accounts as both on Instagram and Facebook he does not want to share any pictures with his girlfriends. There are no news about him having a girlfriend now, so a lot of people think that he is single. Whatever the truth is, we do know that he has never been married nor divorced.

Jeremie Harris Age

Jeremie Harris was born and grew up in New Rochelle and is currently 30 years old. He went to the local high school with aspirations to become a basketball player. Unfortunately, even though he was good, he was not tall enough. So Jeremie decided to take a different path in life and eventually enrolled in New York University to study business. But he did not stay there for long as eventually acting started to draw him more. He would eventually get to enroll in Julliard where he expanded his acting range. His mother was at first devastated on hearing about Jeremie’s intentions, but eventually changed her mind.

Height and Weight

Interestingly, Jeremie Harris aspired of growing up to be tall enough so he can get a basketball scholarship. Unfortunately, he did not grow to be as tall as 6’6” and couldn’t continue. He is still muscular and athletic and maintains a good physique but he is 5’9” tall, which is still not enough for playing basketball professionally. Nevertheless, he enjoys acting.


Jeremie Harris

Jeremie Harries Early Life

After Jeremie Harris failed to follow his dream of becoming a basketball player, he turned to other things first. One of the ways to make a living for him was interned at Def Jam Recordings. He used to earn money by putting posters and was doing alright. But one time he was caught by police when he began sniping other posters. He was let go with a warning, but it helped him realize that this was not for him and eventually turned him on the path that he is now. Who knows what might have happened to Jeremie if he had stayed there.

Jeremie Harris Nationality and Ethnicity

Jeremie Harris is an American by nationality as he grew up there. But he is half Dominican on his mother’s side.

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Net Worth:,$ 700000
Hair Color:,Black
Eye Color:,Dark Brown
Married to:,No
Affair with:,No
Birth Sign:,N/A
Education:,Studied in New York University

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