Jessica Jones Season 2 Episodes

Season 2 of Jessica Jones has only recently been released on Netflix. The unexpected success that Season 1 had was immediately followed with plans of making the second season. But since they really did not expect to garner so much praise it took them a while to create a sequel to their story. Marvel’s Jessica Jones was first released on Netflix in 2015, while the second season was only released in March of 2018. But, does it really mean that if you take more time to make something it will be better? Well yes and no, and it the case of Jessica Jones season 2, fans are kind a split.

There are many that agree that Season 1 was a tough act to follow. But many also agree that Season 2 continued the story in a natural way. Season 1 explored some social issues and concentrated on rape and the position of women in the world. Season 2 has a more personal note to it, a personal note to Jessica as we explore her past a bit more and learn to know about her darker side. Krysten Ritter remains the perfect cast to play Jessica and she continues the same way she started with as she delivers a stellar performance.


Krysten Ritter’ body

Jessica Jones is a character from the Marvel comic books as she first started like a small character. She was a friend to none other than your friendly neighbor Spiderman, as they went to school together. But Jessica developed powers of her own, which are similar to that in the show, with one additional power, the power to fly. She stars in “Alias” comic books, “The Pulse” and the current series bearing her own name “Jessica Jones.”

So what has really transpired in Jessica Jones Season 2? If you didn’t have time to binge watch the show, here is a short recap for you.

S02 E01 – AKA Start at the Beginning

We find Jessica living her own life as a private investigator, but with much more consequences to her psyche as she descends deeper into alcoholism. She is considered by most of the people from New York City as a vigilante for killing Kilgrave (David Tennant). Her friend Trish (Rachael Taylor) tries to convince her to try and learn more about her past and how she got her powers in the first place. Since Jessica like many others has been experimented on by a company called IGH. But another investigator named Pryce Cheng (Terry Chen) seeks to absorb Jessica in his own company at the behest of Jerri Hogarth (Carrie Anne Moss).


Jessica attacks and injures Cheng and is sued by Hogarth’s firm. She then meet a guy who calls himself “The Whizzer” who claims that he too has been experimented on by IGH and that he has the power of speed. She doesn’t believe him at first but after a freak construction accident which results in the Whizzer getting killed, she starts growing more suspicious about her past and about IGH.

S02 E02 – AKA Freak Accident

Jessica tracks down Miklos Kozlov, a doctor who worked at IGH, but finds out that he is also dead. She comes to his funeral and finds out that he too has died in a freak accident. An army patient at the funeral explains to Jessica at the funeral and forces her to believe that Will Simpson, Trish’s ex-boyfriend, was involved in the murder. He too was also experimented on by IGH and Jessica believes that he is the one who also killed the Whizzer.

Trish goes to Maximilian Tatum, a director with whom she worked as a child star, and threatens to reveal his sexual assault on her from back in the day unless he tells her everything he knows about the case. Tatum has an influence in the hospital where all the records of the people experimented on are kept and she seeks to find it for Jessica.

Jessica and Trish mange to track down Simpson and when they find him and tie him up he tells them that somebody else is involved in the murders not him. The mysterious figure appears and attacks them and manages to kill Simpson, without them seeing who it actually was.

S02 E03 – AKA Sole Survivor

Jeri Hogarth is diagnosed with ALS and her partners want to buy her out. Jessica receives an eviction notice from the building supervisor Oscar Arocho (J.R. Ramirez). Jessica and Trish find out documents about a woman called Leslie Hansen and that she too was experimented on by IGH. Their investigation leads them to a building where Leslie used to live in but the only thing they find there are charred human remains in the basement.

Using her show, Trish asks for people to help her find Leslie, but a person who says that she is Leslie calls. They arrange a meeting with Jessica and they soon find out that this woman died and was brought back to life at IGH and that she got her powers as a side effect. But Jessica angers the woman and she attacks her showing that her abilities are similar to Jessica’s but far greater. In the end they actually find out that het human remains in the basement actually belong to Leslie.

S02 E04 – AKA God Help the Hobo

Hogarth tries to painlessly take her own life, but is advised by her doctor not to. Malcolm (Eka Darville) turns down the offer to work with Chang and Jessica promises that she will work better with him. While trying to find out more about the mysterious woman who posed and Leslie Hansen, Jessica and Trish find a former nurse, named Inez Green, who is now living on the streets. She tells them that she was injured by this woman while working at IGH.

A mysterious man shows up in Jessica’s apartment with the aim to destroy all of her research. But the mysterious woman shows up and tears him apart. The police show up at the same time and arrest Jessica for this man’s murder. Trish inhales a performance enhancing drug that she took from Simpson in order to help Jessica, while Malcom takes the nurse to safety.

S02 E05 – AKA The Octopus

Jones spends some time at the police station, but is release by detective Eddy Costa but only after promising that she will tell him everything about her investigation. Trish suffers from the side effect of the drug that she has taken. She is proposed by the boyfriend, but turns him down. Meanwhile, Malcom takes Inez Green and hides her with Hogarth. Jessica learns of a mentally deranged former patient from IGH who tells her about a fellow octopus enthusiast, doctor Karl Malus.

Jessica tracks the doctor at a local aquarium and is shocked when she sees him with the mystery woman. The mystery woman brakes the glass of an aquarium in order to create a commotion for their escape.

S02 E06 – AKA Facetime

Trish starts to depend more and more on the IGH drug that she inhaled. Jessica finds security footage where she sees that Dr. Malus and the mystery woman are actually in a living relationship, although he apparently gave her some kind of a drug. She learns of a man called Justis Ambrose, who went to university with Malus.

She also finds out that Ambrose was financing Malus’ research. After she confronts Ambrose, he tells her that Malus helped to cure his boy from a deforming, genetic disease. She forces Ambrose to give up Malus’ location. Jessica goes to the address that Ambrose gave her and finds the Malus there but she also finds the mystery woman who also reveals to be her mother.

S02 E07 – AKA I Want Your Cray Cray

Alisa, Jessica’s mother, tells the story after the accident. In the accident her husband and son were killed, but she and her daughter Jessica were saved and brought back to IGH. Dr. Leslie Hansen takes them to IGH in secret and performs experiments on them. Jessica is cured of her injuries and released from the hospital and has joined her new foster family the Walkers. On the other hand, Alisa’s injuries are too severe and they take a long time to heal. She also gets sudden mood swings and enormous strength as one of the side effects. When Alisa learns that Jessica is still alive after years of treatments, she breaks out of the hospital injuring Innes Green.

Jessica had a fight with her foster sister Trish and the two grew apart. Trish’s pop singing career resulted in her becoming an addict. Jessica is now living with her boyfriend, Sterling Adams. But when Alisa breaks free she sees Sterling making a deal with somebody to exploit Jessica. In a fit of rage, she kills him by mistake. This devastates Jessica and she comes back to her sister Trish as she decides to get clean. Alisa goes back to IGH and Dr. Malus promises to cure her of the raging side effects that she suffers from. After hearing the story, Jessica is furious at her mother.

S02 E08 – Ain’t we got fun

Trish and Malcom sleep together. But Malcom, being a former addict, notices that Trish taking drugs. Her runs away from her and decides to continue his investigation that he started. But it results in him being attacked in front of a gay club. Trish comes to his aid and helps him heal by giving him the inhaler with drugs that she uses. But it is too much for Malcom and he runs away. Hogarth finds Shane Ryback, the man who can heal with his hands, and takes him about of prison.

Jessica is still being kept at Malus’ house and calls the police on them. While the police storm the house, Malus escapes and Jessica and Alisa go away together. Alisa is determined to show Jessica that she is still her mother. They are in Jessica’s apartment when a sniper starts shooting at them, injuring Jessica and enraging Alisa.

S02 E09 – Shark in the bathtub, monster in the bed

The shooter was Cheng and Alisa starts chasing after him. She gains up on him and tires to kill him but Jessica stops her and forces her to change. Hogarth takes Ryback to her place and he attempts to heal her. Trish gives up on her show and takes a new job at a local television station, but she soon realizes that she has run out of her drug. Arocho and Jessica start a romantic relationship together.

But his son Vido is kidnapped by Arocho’s ex-wife, so Jessica and Alisa attempt to rescue him. Alisa sees that she can use her power for good but still wants to kill Cheng in order to protect Jessica. Jessica frees Cheng but Alisa starts going after him. The police come and Alisa surrenders to them.

S02 E10 – Pork Chop

Hogarth arranges a deal for Alisa. She decides to give information about Malus so she does not get to be sent to a super human prison. But Jessica promises her that she will get Malus safely out of the country before they catch him. She arranges with Arrocho for him to make a fake passport of Malus. Jessica also explains the situation to Trish and Malcolm and tells them to stay away. Malus also tells Jessica that he has never treated Ryback.

Hogarth comes to her apartment and finds it empty of her valuables. She realizes that Innes Green tricked her and more importantly she also realizes that she is still not cured. Trish struggles with withdrawal symptoms and she and Malcolm decide to track down Malus themselves. Jessica finds out that a guard who is watching Alisa has killed inmates before. After a conformation with the guard, Jessica kills him by mistake.

S02 E11 – Three lives and counting

After murdering the guard, Jessica makes everything look like a suicide. But soon after she starts having hallucinations of Kilgrave. Her hallucinations start to torment her everywhere she goes. Meanwhile, Trish and Malcolm track down Malus. Trish knocks out Malcom and kidnaps Malus as she wants him to give her abilities like Jessica has. Jessica finds out about this and decides to end her working relationship with Malcolm.

Malus has taken Trish to the old IGH facility and puts her through a procedure that gave Jessica and Alisa their powers. But Jessica arrives just in time to stop it. She is almost convinced by her hallucination of Kilgrave to kill Malus but stops herself in the end. Malus decides to kill himself and at the same time destroys the laboratory where everything has been done. Jessica takes Trish to a hospital and Alisa finds out about Malus’ death. She kills her new guard and breaks out of jail.

S02 E012 – Pray for my Patsy

Alisa goes looking for Trish and wants to kill her since she blames her for Malus’ death. She comes looking for her in the hospital where she is kept but Jessica is there to protect her. In a confrontation with the police, one police officer is killed by Alisa and she manages to get away.

Trish blames Jessica for not allowing Malus to finish his procedure. Hogarth finds Innes Green and fabricates a story for her about Rybeck. She manipulates her in killing Rybeck and then calls the police on her. Jessica and Alisa meat at Trish’s apartment. Jessica considers killing Alisa but cannot bring herself to do it. She is knocked out and kidnaped by Alisa instead.

S02 E013 – Playland

Jessica and Alisa decide to work together and their plan is to leave the country. They first decide to go across the US/Mexican border and Arrocho agrees to make fake passports for them. But the attempt fails. Then they decide to flee up north and cross the US/Canadian border. But this attempts fails again.

The two of them sit in an amusement park called Playland and Alisa reveals that they used to come here when she was a child and when they were a family. Trish shows up and shoots Alisa. Jessica takes the blame but does not want to forgive Trish for doing this. Hogarth manages to get the evidence against her former partners thanks to Malcolm.

She now has enough money to start her own law firm. Malcom becomes a part of Cheng’s agency and they agree to work with Hogarth in the future. Trish starts to notice that her reflexes are heightening. Jessica descries to enjoy a normal life for a change with Arrocho.

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