Jessica Olsson Doesn’t Want to Push Her Kids Into Sports

Celebrity News, July 24, 2017 – In a recent interview, the famed Dallas Mavericks power forward Dirk Nowitzki admitted that none of his children is into basketball. Well the youngest just started crawling so it can still pick a sport, but the oldest daughter Malaika has taken an interest into tennis. Dirk gave an interview where he was discussing family life and possibly retiring from the game. He said that his children are his focus now and that he looks to spend more time with them. It was then when he broke the news about them not really trying to pick up basketball now.

Jessica Olsson, Dirk’s wife, commented on this later on as she and her husband do not want to push their kids into something they want them to do, they would rather their kinds decide on their own. “It is still great to do any kind of a sport,” as Jessica stated “Basketball is not the priority here,” although we are not sure if Dirk would agree with that. She is adamant to say that she and her husband are going to support their kids no matter what they choose to be in life.

Dirk Nowitzki recently extended his stay in Dallas as he has signed a new two year deal with the Mavs putting him away from retirement at least for some time. But the merge deal that he signed was a way to help the Mavericks franchise make another final push for the title with Dirk at the helm. Since Dirk is still going to be away and mainly on the road, it leave Jessica to take care of the kids for a while longer.


Jessica Olsson with Dirk and their children

Andrew McCarthy’s First Book is Finally Out

You have probably not pitted Andrew McCarthy as a good novelist or book writer, but that is where you are wrong. The Andrew has been dabbling with many things in his life and being an actor is probably the last of them, although you do might remember him for his good looks fro the role he had in “Pretty in Pink.” But Andrew is now devoted directing shows on TV and travel writing and occasionally decides to brush up on his acting. But the latest thing he has been doing was preparing his first book, which finally came out this weekend.

The novel titled “Just Fly Away” is McCarthy’s first achievement in the young adult field, and the book is pretty good, surprisingly good, exceptionally good even. The way McCarthy manages to delve into the problems of adolescence and how they withdraw into themselves and form a protective cocoon in order to shield them from the society and the world around them. McCarthy has captured the perfect moment when a teenager is preparing to do something stupid and she knows it, but still goes ahead and does it. Andrew McCarthy has perhaps found a new calling in his life and based on the early reviews he might just find a new career in book writing.


Russell Simmons Jr to bring back “Def Poetry Jam”

In a recent post, Russell Simmons Jr has been rumored to be preparing to bring back the Def Poetry Jam back on. It has been ten years since the last show aired on HBO and it appears that there are still more interests about the show and that fans are still very much prepared to hear the spoken word back on television. Simmons has been attempting to make Change the Rapper appear as the host of the show, and it has been almost but confirmed with a tweet that the co-founder of the show recently made.

It stats “Super excited. Been in negotiation with @chancetherapper to host Def poetry jam for HBO !!!! Would u guys like to see that #Emmys,” This seems like a very plausible reboot for a famed show that a lto of us grew up watching and I for instance would be interested to see it back.

Def Poetry Jam aired on HBO between 2002 and 2007. The show was originally hosted by also rapper and actor Mos Def while many poets and up-and-coming artists appeared on the show during the years, among many included were Dave Chappelle, Mike Epps, Tracy Morgan, DMX, Kanye West, Lauryn Hill, and more.


Russell Simmons Jr. and Jojo Simmons

Did you Know that Elizabeth Hanks was in Forrest Gump?

People think of Tom Hanks as one of the greatest actors to ever live. His movie repertoire is certainly something to be proud of and his IMDB credits back the story up. But not a lot is mentioned about his children, although his daughter Elizabeth Hanks has decided to take a different path in life and become a writer, bot watching to be in her father’s shadow in the movie industry. She actually left the business because she did not want to be credited as Tom Hanks’ daughter and would rather make a name on her own. But what many people do not know about are her few movie roles that she had. They were mainly in movies that made her dad famous and were minor that you would probably not remember her.

But did you know that Elizabeth actually stared in Forrest Gump, one of Hanks’ most prized achievements. She played a student on the buss where Forrest was supposed to ride on and she refused to offer him a seat beside her. Now do you remember? It does ring a bell does it? She dissed her father then and it appears that after that she has decided to dis her movie career. But Elizabeth Hanks will always remain in our hearts as “that any girl on the bus” who refused to help the poor boy who would later on go to achieve so much.


Elizabeth Hanks in the Forrest Gump movie

Morgan Fairchild Acknowledges Natalie Wood

Perhaps not many people know that today is Oscar Nominee Natalie Wood’s birthday. Well Morgan Fairchild has perhaps not missed this fact and has acknowledged it via post on her twitter account. Fairchild wrote “Wonderful lady and she was my friend. Always so kind and gracious. Miss you!” as a memorandum to a colleague and a friend and she also posted a highlight video of Natalie’s greatest achievements in the industry. Not a lot of people know that Morgan saw Natalie as a friend and mentor in the industry and has certainly not forgotten to celebrate her birthday in her honor.

Natalie Wood was a child actress and she continued her success when she became of age. She would get nominated for an Oscar before she was 25 years old. She is most notable for her movies “West Side Story,” “The Searchers,” “Splendor in the Grass” and “Rebel Without a Cause” for which she was nominated for her first academy award. She died tragically at an early age of 43.

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