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Jo Green is a British theatre administrator but is best known for her marriage to Hugh Laurie. As people are probably aware of, Hugh Laurie is one of the more famous English actors. He is one of the few who was able to successfully transition to America and gain immense popularity there. He is known for the portrayal of the comedy due Fry and Laurie, which he does with his partner Stephen Fry.

They did many comedy sketches together and even had a series. To the British and European audiences, Laurie is also recognized for his portrayal in “Blackadder” where he stared alongside Rowan Atkinson. But the role which put Jo Green on the map was the one of the infamous Dr. Gregory House. He appeared as the main protagonist of the hospital drama TV show “House M.D.” He stared in the show for the entire run of 8 seasons.

This role was the most popular one for Hugh and it helped him reached stardom and at the same time became a legitimate star in America. But at the same time it brought him personal problems which almost ended up in his and Jo Green’s separation. Fortunately, after the show ended Jo and Hugh got back together and started enjoying their lives as normally as possible.


Jo Green and her husband

Jo Green Net Worth 2019 and Salary

Jo Green is not known in the public’s eye so much. In fact, if there was not for her marriage with Hugh Laurie, she would not be known at all. In her youth and in her early stages of marriage with Hugh Laure, Jo was not known at all and they both kept their privacy. But as time passed she also gained popularity as being the wife of the famous actor. When it comes to earning and her salary, it does not compare to the one her husband has. Hugh Laurie is in fact worth 40 million dollars, but Jo Green is in fact not worth so much.

Jo Green Husband and Family

Jo Green is married to the English actor Hugh Laurie. They got married in Camden, UK on 16th June 1989. They have had a very good marriage at first and were really happy together. They have three children in fact. They have two sons and a daughter who is the youngest. Their first son was born in 1988, a year before they got married, and he is named Charles Archibald Laurie or simply Charlie. Their second son was bon in January 1991 and his name is William Albert Laurie or Bill. Finally, their daughter was born in 1993 and they named her Rebecca Augusta Laurie.

But the problems with their marriage started once Hugh gained the role on “House M.D.” Being cast as the main role in this drama show was a turning point for his career, but in brought a very bad situation for his marriage. Since Hugh was supposed to stay in the US for a period of 9 months each year in order to film the series, he had little time to see his family. Since Hugh was prone to depression and his Jo was not happy at all with the situation, they started fighting and there were even talks of a divorce. There were plans for the family to relocate to America in 2008 as Hugh bought a mansion and started preparing everything for their arrival.


Jo Green with husband Hugh Laurie

Unfortunately things did not go the way they planned it and it all fell apart. Fortunately, they stayed together and got though everything in the end. Once the show ended in 2012, so did their troubles end as well. Now they are back together and both Jo and Hugh are enjoying the time that they lost thought the period of these 8 years.

Jo Green Age

Jo Green was born in 1956 in England and it makes her age 61 currently. Not much is known about her past and except her current job and current family, we are not really sure where she was born and how she spent her childhood. But we do know that she mainly spent most of her life in England.

Height and Weight

Jo Green was quite attractive in her day. But now when she is starting on her 60s she is having trouble to maintain her looks. But nevertheless, she is still a lady and holds herself quite well. Her weight and height are not specified and she does not reveal personal information about herself so often.


Jo Green and Hugh Laurie

Is Jo Green Lesbian?

Jo Green is not a lesbian, she is a married woman and has been for a very long time. Her three children that she has with Hugh Laurie are a direct proof for that. She keeps her image clear in that way and is not interested into women.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Jo Green is from England and her nationality is English. She also belongs to the Caucasian ethnic group.

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Profession:,Theatre administrator
Net Worth:,N/A
Hair Color:,Black
Eye Color:,Brown
Married to:,Hugh Laurie
Affair with:,N/A
Children:,(Charles Archibald Laurie – William Albert Laurie – Rebecca Augusta Laurie)
Birth Sign:,N/A

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