Joanna Gaines Puts Assumptions to Rest

The star of the reality show “Fixer Upper,” Joanna Gaines, has been having a lot of problems in regards to her show and personal life. The rumors about her leaving her husband and fellow co-host of the show have been circling around the net for quite some time. But there is a more important and elaborate story going on at the same time as well. Many people have said that Joanna was leaving the show in favor of staring her own facial cream business.

Recently Joanna took to Facebook to announce officially that she is not leaving the show and that they are in the midst of making season 5, while also stating that the skin care business is a scam.

I wanted to take a minute to let y’all know that it’s simply not true. This is a SCAM! We have nothing to do with it and have been trying to stop it for some time

Joanna wrote on her Facebook page. This is another statement which Joanna had to give as she has been saying to her fans not to buy the cream and to avoid these rumors as she is in no way linked to the products which have been mentioned so far.

Did Curtis Take Things too Far on the Curtis and Eboni Show?

In recent news, various attacks on white millennial women have been reported, with the incident in Brooklyn regarding Kat Timpf being the recent one. Eboni Williams and her talks who co-host discussed this matter on the show. Williams was the one who protected Kat and took her side in the matter, while Curtis took it as far as saying that Kat was “a cry baby” and even applauded the attacker. He said “If anyone knows who this guy is who dumped a liter and a half of water on her head … I wanna know who they are because I wanna publicly applaud him because I hate Kat.”

Although it is okay to have your own opinion in the matter, Curtis’ character on the show might have taken things too far this time. There are always two sides of the coming and William’s’ defense was expected being that both her and Kat are co-hosts on the Specialists, Curtis was the one who public attack her and justified the behavior of this person. Some people even state that it could lead to further attacks happening soon.


Is Baxter Attending the Miley’s Wedding?

There are various emerging news about Miley Cyrus marrying her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. And with all the particulars being confirmed already, there are still some debits that people are forgetting to ask, Is Baxter invited. Maybe people are too busy estimating that Miley is pregnant and talking about her belly getting bigger when all she did was to have a bigger lunch, there is the pressing matter of her mother’s firs husband Baxter Neal Helson. Baxter is not the biological father of Miley but he is to her sister Brandi and brother Trace.

Baxter was married to Trish Cyrus before she got together with Billy Ray and got Miley. Being that Trish and Baxter did not leave things on a good note, it is interesting to know if he is invited or not. Miley has been recently seen with her mother and sister arranging some things about the wedding but nobody seems to talk whether they should invite Baxter along.


Baxter Neal Helson and Trish Cyrus

David Duchovny and Tea Leoni still Friendly After All this Time

David Duchovny and his ex-wife Tea Leoni were recently spotted having a coffee together in Malibu. Although it is not uncommon to see them together, you rarely see them exchanging pleasantries and being friendly towards each other. Tea and David had a tumults run together when they split two times during their marriage. They first split in 2008 after which David sought sex-addiction treatment so they eventually got back together, but it was short-lived as they separated again only months after joining back.

The divorce was settled in 2011 and it was a ruling affair for both of them during that period. But seeing them happy and chitchatting together again does seem nice and it appears that the former coupe has put all the bad things to rest and has managed to work things out eventually. But this time they only remain good friends. In an interview, Tea talked about her and David’s divorce for the first time where she said “Listen, David gave me the two greatest gifts on the planet; I don’t know how I could ever hate him. We’ve always loved each other, and we adore these kids.” Tea and David have two kids together, 18-year-old Madeline West and 15-year-old Kyd Miller.


No Boston In Sight

Kurt Russell and his former wife Goldie Hawn were recently seen waving to the camera man with their son Wyatt and his wife. It seems that Kurt and Goldie decided to go for a family get other, but only decided to invite the only son that they share together. Kurt and Goldie’s dating record is off the hook as both he and she have had various relationships and children with other people. One of them is Boston Russel, whom Kurt had with his previous wife Season Hubley. But you rarely seen Boston Russell in any of the family get-togethers. It sometimes seems as if Kurt is hiding Boston somewhere.


Boston Russell with parents