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Josh Winterhalt is a martial arts expert and a trainer in various kinds of techniques. He favors the Russian system which he has been trained under and considers this as his background. But his fame actually comes because of his loving wife. He is married to actress Sarah Wayne Callies, who became famous for her role of Sarah Tancredi on the Fox TV show “Prison Break.”

Josh Winterhalt and Sarah started dating and she was not actually as famous as she is today when they got married. But after her being cast in many new roles, her popularity grew and so did Josh’s as he was well known as her loving husband. Sarah first started with an appearance in “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.” But her fame came from her appearance in the immensely popular “Prions Break” show on Fox. She is also famous for her role in “Walking Death” which is shown on AMC channel.


Sarah Wayne Callies

Josh Winterhalt Net Worth and Salary

Josh Winterhalt works as a martial arts expert and also teaches various skills. He works at gym where he teaches various techniques and helps people who want to learn self-defense. Bu there is not a whole lot of money there so his wife is the one who earns more. She is approximately worth 2 million dollars and has quite a nice salary thanks to her roles on TV. Her latest roles on “Colony” and “The Long Road Home” has managed to earn her an additional sum which helps maintaining their very expensive home where they live together.

Josh Winterhalt Wife and Family

Josh Winterhalt is married to the actress Sarah Wayne Callies. But they actually met a long time ago, long before Sarah became popular. They actually went to the same University together and started dating once they were there. After they graduated they continued seeing each other even though they took a separate path in their lives. Sarah became an actress and Josh continued on with his martial arts interests. Nevertheless, the couple finally decided to get married on July 21, 2002.

Some years after the two were blessed with a child. They got a baby daughter named Keala Winterhalt on 20th July 2007. Josh and Sarah maintain a great relationship and work very well together. Even though Sarah is a TV star and has a big fan base, Josh is not jealous of her wife’s fame. There was never an affair between them and they keep a great family relationship together.


Josh Winterhalt’s wife and daughter

Josh Winterhalt Age

There are not a lot of information about Josh Winterhalt’s background. But we do know that he was born in the year 1976. He grew up in New Hampshire and spent most of his life there. He then went on the graduate from the university of Dartmouth but has continued on with martial arts training as he has always ben interested in sports and physical activities. Josh is currently 41 years old.


Josh Winterhalt and his wife Sarah Wayne Callies

Josh Winterhalt Height and Weight

Being that Josh Winterhalt is a martial arts expert, it also means that he trains regularly and maintains his body. In order to keep fit he also has to keep his appearance well and eat properly. This makes him really muscular and very much strong. You can say that he is tall as well as his height is 5 feet and 9 inches. Having everyday activities like Josh has is very favorable for his physique so we can say that Sarah is one lucky lady to have him, as I am sure every woman would like to have him by her side. Nevertheless, Sarah is the one who has grabbed him first and keeping him steadily.

Is Josh Winterhalt Gay?

Josh Winterhalt is a heterosexual man and there are no evidence that would say that he is gay. He has been married for a long time to Sarah Wayne Callies and that is evidence enough to support his claim about his sexuality.


Josh Winterhalt with Sarah Wayne Callies

Nationality and Ethnicity

Not much is known about Josh Winterhalt, but we do know that he is Caucasian and that he was born in America. Thus his ethnic background is not specifically defined but it is more than clear that he is American by nationality.

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Profession:,Martial arts expert
Net Worth:,N/A
Hair Color:,N/A
Eye Color:,N/A
Height:,5 feet and 9 inches
Married to:,Sarah Wayne Callies
Affair with:,No
Children:,1 (Keala Winterhalt)
Birth Sign:,N/A
Education:,the University of Dartmouth

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