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Josina Anderson is a sports reporter and a journalist and she currently appears on ESPN and primarily reports on the NFL. She is an insider and a reporter and is also famous for making commentaries and providing sports coverage mainly on the NFL. She has started her career in 2000 and from 2011 she was hired by ESPN and became a part of National NFL Insider.

Josina started her professional career after graduating in 2000. She first worked for Coos Bay but would later change and do various kinds of jobs which included work for the Sideline Report, Roundball Report, Redskin Magazine and many more. She would also go on to produce the Fox 31, where she also worked as a nightly sportscast reporter and an insider for the NFL. Her work certainly did not go unnoticed as she was hired by ESPN in 2011 when her fame started goring. Since then she has appeared on NFL related shows like NFL countdown, NFL Live, NFL Insiders and ultimately for SportsCenter. She was also the first female reporter to be hired by ESPN that hosted the National NFL Insider.


Josina Anderson at work

As part of her work she also did a lot of interviews with NFL stars which were greatly admired and observed by the audiences. This was an attempt to comment on the real and personal life of players and what experiences are there during and after their NFL careers. This was a very important study in a way which brought Josina Anderson even more fame.

Josina Anderson is also the participant of an Emmy award which she got for producing the documentary called “A Premonition to Addis Ababa.” She is a driven and very serious person and values her assets as well as her career which ultimately made her even more popular among the viewers and the NFL community.

Net Worth and Salary

Josina Anderson has really done well for her self during her career. With her breakthrough and going up the lather during the years and her managing to acquire assets here and there, she has managed to get a pretty nice net worth for herself. Her current salary with the ESPN has not been made public, but you can assume that it is a very hefty amount of dollars. Her current net worth is estimated at 2.2 million dollars, which is quite fine considering that she is an African American, female journalist reporting on a primarily male-orientated sport.


Josina Anderson

Partner and Family

Josina Anderson has not been reported to have married before nor to have a current boyfriend. She has actually never been seen with a partner of any sorts as she mainly keeps her dating life to herself. She is secretive about it and skillfully manages to maneuver around those kinds of questions or allegations. She is mainly concentrating on her career as things stand currently and wants to give it her all there. It appears that she has decided to put making a family on hold while she focuses mainly on her work and the things that she loves. Thus no word of whether we will see Josina get married any time soon.


Josina Anderson was born on 15th of August, 1978 in Washington DC. This makes her current age 38 years old. She studied exercise and sport science at the University of North Carolina where she also graduated and pursued her career from.


Josina Anderson (2014)

Height and Weight

People always say that Josina Anderson is probably one of the most beautiful reporters on ESPN and one of the most beautiful female reporters in TV. She has paved the way for women in her profession and showed that even a pretty woman can be associated and good in sports. She has actually competed in the track and field events which she was still a student and even won certain awards and acclaims in competitions. It also helped her keep her sporty figure and have a good body. She weighs approximately 59 kg and her height is somewhere about 5’9”

Is Josina Anderson a Lesbian?

Although Josina Anderson has never been seen with a partner of any kind, it has been thought that it is because she is gay. But those rumors about her being a lesbian were disclaimed after the scandal and the criticism she got because of the comments that she made against the LGBT community. This prompts us to think that her stance towards gays and lesbians does not make her one of them. Thus Josina remains straight and is most certainly interested in men.


Josina Anderson at ESPN The Party at Fort Mason (2016)

Nationality and Ethnicity

Josina Anderson was born in America and by law is entitled to an American citizenship. As for her ethnic background she is an African American woman.

[table caption=”Biography & Facts” width=”500″ colwidth=”150|350″ colalign=”left|center”]
Born:,15th of August. 1978
Ethnicity:,African American
Profession:,sports reporter and a journalist
Net Worth:,2.2 million dollars
Hair Color:,Brown
Eye Color:,Dark Brown
Height:, 5’9”
Weight:, 59 kg
Married to:,N/A
Affair with:,N/A
Birth Sign:,Leo
Education:, University of North Carolina

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