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Julian Ozanne is a producer and director but is still best known through his marriage to Jillian Anderson. Julian is a former husband of the Jillian, who is an American actress most recognizable for her role of Dana Scully on the hit-show “X-Files.” Julian and Jillian had a brief marriage and this is the moan reason which makes Julian Ozanne poplar. Although he is still dabbling in producing and directing, he has yet to make a bigger impact on the industry than he has for now.

Julian’s directorial debut came in 2000 when he directed the documentary titled “Giorgio Armani: A Man for All Seasons.” This is actually his only directorial credit today and he has more projects to his name as a producer. His first project was producing an episode on TV documentary “Panorama” in 1999. He would later on go to produce another documentary, this one he dealt with a project titled “This is not an Exit: The Fictional World of Bret Easton Ellis,” and then also produced a video documentary titled “Lara Croft: Leather and Loaded” in 2001. His most serious and most important project was also his last current one as he was the executive producer on “Here to Where” (2002).


Julian Ozanne and Jillian Anderson

Julian Ozanne Net Worth and Salary

Julian Ozanne is probably ranked as a minor celebrity and since he has not much going on recently, there are less information about him. Many people are wondering how much his net worth is, but it seems that he has not cared to state the exact amount of his worth anywhere. He is has not had a project recently in the movie industry and appears to have hit a slow patch in his career. But this does not mean that Julian’s luck is going on a downward spiral as it may still start going back again.

Partner and Family

Julian Ozanne is currently not married, but he is known as being the ex-husband of Jillian Anderson. He is probably still single and does not have any children to his name nor has he had any with Jillian. He and Jillian met during her trip to Kenya and she became his girlfriend at the time. Their wedding was actually scheduled for a few times and the couple actually did not manage to get their wedding till late in their dating days. They finally got married in 2003 and the ceremony was held on Kenya’s Indian Ocean coast.

But their relationship was not a fruitful one as they separated after three years. Although Gillian is known as being bisexual and it has been reported that she has had girlfriends before, it was never confirmed if that was the reason for their divorce. Jillian has had affairs with her girlfriends before but she was also interested in men. Some of the confirmations about her sexuality are the very marriage to Julian Ozanne and a daughter in a previous relationship that she had.


Julian Ozanne and his ex-wife Jillian Anderson

Julian Ozanne Age

Julian Ozanne was born in 1965 and it makes him currently 52 years old. He was born in Kenya and has moved a lot and lived in America mostly. There are no information about his family, which is probably back in Kenya, nor his siblings. But there are some information which state that he has been raised in the palace of “King Moshoeshoe II” of Lesotho at an early age.


Julian with his ex-wife

Julian Ozanne Height and Weight

Julian Ozanne is actually quite tall and his height goes to 5 feet and 10 inches. He has an attractive and muscular built and is not wonder that he has attracted the attention of the likes as Gillian Anderson.

Is Julian Ozanne Gay?

Julian Ozanne was never reported to be gay. Although is former spouse has been known to playing both fields, he himself is only interested in woman. But his ex-wife promiscuity which meant that she was interested in both sexes during their marriage was probably one of the main reason which lead to their separation and finally divorce.


Jillian Anderson and Julian Ozanne

Julian Ozanne’s Nationality and Ethnicity

Julian Ozanne has spent his time living in American but has been born in Kenya. His nationality is Kenyan and his ethnic group is African.

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Profession:,Film producer
Net Worth:,N/A
Hair Color:,Light Brown
Eye Color:,Brown
Height:,5 feet and 10 inches
Married to:,No (Gillian Anderson m. 2004–2007)
Affair with:,N/A
Birth Sign:,N/A

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