Juliana Harkavy Biography


Juliana Harkavy is an American actress that stars in a number of TV shows. She is mostly tied with roles on TV and has still to make a big impact in movies. You will probably remember her for her roles as Alisha in “The Walking Dead” franchise, and Dinah Drake, aka Black Canary, on CW’s “Arrow”.

Juliana stared her career when she was very young. In fact her first acting gig was in a commercial when she was only 10 years old. She followed it up with her first role in an actual movie when she appeared in “Little Princes” (1995), where she had a minor role. From there she started taking her acting seriously and managed to appear in a few movies during the 2000s. Probably her most prominent role then was that of Rebecca in “Dolphin Tale” (2011). She reprised her role in the sequel “Dolphin Tale 2” (2014). She also appeared in “If you Only Knew” (2011), “Last Shift” (2011) and “Whatever Lola Wants” (2010), where she was awarded a Best Actress Award at the 2011 University of Miami Canes Film Festival.


Juliana Harkavy and Kris Kristofferson in “Dolphin Tale 2”

As far as Juliana’s TV career goes, she is quite prone to comic books based series. She appeared first in the “Walking Dead” where she played Alisha for two episodes. She also had an appearance in a short-lived series “Constantine”. But it was the CW’s show “Arrow” that really put her into focus. She started off by playing Dinah Drake, aka Black Canary, in season 5 as a recurring role. But for season 6 she would join the main cast and appear regularly. She reprised the same role in the other Arrowverse related shows like “The Flash” and “Legends of Tomorrow”.


Juliana Harkavy in “Arrow”

Juliana Harkavy Net Worth and Salary

Juliana Harkavy’s net worth has been getting larger recently. She has a large acting background behind her and has had various roles already. But it was with the most recently one that she managed to get more attention and arose the interests of fans. Her salary immediately got bigger and her net worth is about 1 million dollars now.

Juliana Harkavy Partner and Family

Juliana Harkavy is married to Peter Kupchick, an American business professional. They started dating already a long time ago and they decide to finally tie the know June 2014. They are still together and there appear not to be any problems with their marriage. They currently do not have any kids but are might looking to expand their family.


Wedding (Juliana Harkavy and Peter Kupchick)

Juliana Harkavy Age

Juliana Harkavy is still only 33 years old. She was born on January 1, 1985 in New York City. Her mother is Berta Carela but her father is a more important figure.  Michael Harkavy is the former Senior Vice president of Warner Bros. Entertainment Worldwide Publishing. Having an important father like that has earned Juliana some starting success. She started with show business at an early age of 10. Although her first gig was in a commercial, it was a commercial for Fox Kids. From there on she was able to expand her career even further. She went to Young Actors Space in Sherman Oaks, California and was there for nine years. She went to her first year of high school in Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles. There she learned French and it gave her an opportunity to study abroad so she did go to France for a while. When she got back, Juliana got her diploma from Milken Community High School in Los Angeles, California. She would then go on to study at Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, where she majored in Theater.

Height and Weight

Juliana Harkavy is a very attractive young actress. She is not only beautiful but is also very attractively built. She maintains her figure and trains regularly to be as fit as possible. This helps her with all kinds of maneuvers that she has to do for her roles. Her height is 173 cm and her weight is 56 kg. Her body measurements are also very good as they come to 32-34-32 inches.


Juliana Harkavy today

Juliana Harkavy Interesting Facts

Juliana Harkavy is a very interesting and versatile individual. She likes trying out different things and want to be involved. As mentioned she is already fluent in French and she did live in France for a while. But that is not the only place where she spent time. In her life Juliana Harkavy has spent periods living in New Mexico, New Jersey, California and Florida. She is originally from New York but loves to travel to other places. She is also very talented musically. She plays multiple instruments with the piano being her base one. She also palsy the guitar and the flute.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Although Juliana Harkavy is American by nationality, her family background is largely mixed. She has a mixture of genes when you look at it and she possesses Dominican ancestry mostly, but also included are African, Chinese, Russian and Hungarian.

Biography & Facts
Born: January 1 1985
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Mixed
Religion: N/A
Profession: Actress
Net Worth: $1 million
Salary: N/A
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Green
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 56 kg
Married to: Peter Kupchick
Affair with: No
Children: Not yet
Birth Sign: Capricorn
Education: Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles – Milken Community High School in Los Angeles – Tisch School of the Arts at New York University