Kathy Ingraham – Nature Boy – Review

Kathy Ingraham comes out with an entirely new single and a different take on the legendary “Nature Boy” song originally performed by Nat King Cole.

The original song was written by Eden Ahbez in 1947. The song has a personal note for Ahbez as he wrote it as a tribute for his long-time mentor, Bill Pester. The song was later picked up by Nat King Cole and would be released for the first time in 1948 as a single and would later be included in “The Nat King Cole Story” album in 1961.

Kathy Ingraham takes the original song and covers it by adding untypical jazz/blues elements. This is all done with the help of Elliot Randall, who follows up on guitar, and Pete Levin, who is credited for the keyboards in this piece.

Kathy does not take away too much of the original song but adds to it with her own style and influences. The song sounds a bit modern but still keeps the soul of the original version that Kathy wanted to preserve. All in all, it is a great throwback to the early era of jazz and definitely an interesting piece to cover.

Kathy Ingraham is an experienced singer with a long line of appearances in her career. She originally appeared as a vocalist for many commercials for famous organizations such as McDonald’s, Chrysler, and Pepsi to name a few. In2014, Kathy Ingraham launched her solo career and has since collaborated with many famous artists in the industry. Her latest single is an original piece titled “That’s What Crazy Lovers Do” performed with Pete Levin on piano.

Kathy is definitely one of the more sensual singer/songwriters out there. Her voice is so beautiful and she has the capacity to use it to express different styles and melodies. That is why you can notice influences from different types of genres in her work. But her main influences and greatest love remain Blues and Jazz.

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