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Kellita Smith is an American actress, model and a comedian. She started off her career as a model but become most notably famous for her role as Wanda McCullough at “The Bernie Mac Show” (2001-2006). But Kellita has been a very versatility personality showing everybody that she has the body to pull off some more sexy roles and also has the humor to back up some comedy ones, but at the same time can officiate in drama and serious roles.

Kellita Smith started off as a model at first and then later transition to acting in theaters. Her first performances came on the regional stage where she was seen in renditions of “Tell it Like it Tizz,” “No Place to be Somebody” and “Feelings,” for which performance she got the NAACP Theatre Award in the category of Best Supporting actress in 1996. She has also appeared in “The Thirteen Thorn” and “One Woman Two Lives,” for which she was nominated for the NAACP Theatre Award for Best Actress.

“One Woman Two Lives” wallpaper

Kellita made a great transition to television where she first started in “In Living Color.” She also made guest star roles and made appearances in TV shows like “Sister, Sister,” “Martin,” “Malcolm and Eddie” and “The Jamie Foxx Show.” But her most prominent role came in 2001 when she was cast in the TV comedy show “The Bernie Mac Show.” She got to show off all of her talents there and is the main role she is recognized now.

Besides appearing on TV, Kellita also has a great movie repertoire under her belt. Kellita Smith stared in such movies as “Hair Show” (2004), “Fair Game” (2005), “King’s Ransom” (2005), “Roll Bounce” (2005) and “Three can Play that Game” (2007). Her most recent roles include appearances in series such as “The First Family” and “Z Nation” while she also appeared in “Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No” (2015).

Thomas Bell, Kellita Smith, Esther Scott, Evan Thurman, Sharon Munfus and Lavaunte Jackson (kneeling) in “One Woman, Two Lives.”

Kellita Smith Net Worth and Salary

Kellita Smith is still a working actress and even though her roles are mainly limited to television and some direct to video or lesser movies in recent years, she is still capable of putting in quite a good performance. It is unknown how much she makes for her roles currently, but we do know that her net worth is now estimated at 500,000 dollars.

Partner and Family

Unfortunately, there are no feisty information that come related to Kellita Smith currently. Even though she is in her late 40s right now she has no married before and remains single currently. We do not have reports on her seeing someone currently as she mainly keeps this to herself. This is not unusual as she has not displayed her affection publicly before and we do not know much about her previous love interests. Even when she was a model she would often keep close to the industry and not display anything out in the open. She continued doing that and has not been seen with anyone famous so far. She does not have any children yet and there are no other affairs and divorce news in her life. Hopefully she does manage to find somebody in her late age.

Kellita Smith as a model

Kellita Smith Age

Kellita Smith was born in Chicago, Illinois, US where she also grew up. Her birthday is on January 15, 1969 and this makes her 48 years old as of the time of writing these stats.

Height and Weight

As a former model, Kellita Smith has always managed to maintain a slim and a beautiful figure. Even now when she is getting older she still looks good and has been keeping her body fit and gorgeous as she ever had. Her height is 5 feet and 8 inches and her weight is kept to 67 kg. Her body measurements are 38-28-39 inches.

Is Kellita Smith a Lesbian?

The question is raised about Kellita Smith being a lesbian. Well she does not have a man in her life and it appears that she has not children to her name, but there have been no evidence to support the fact that she might be a lesbian. She mainly keeps private about her family matters and keeps the things about her personal life as personal as they could be so this part is very questionable. Btu as we know, Kellita Smith remains a straight woman.

Kellita Smith

Nationality and Ethnicity

Kellita Smith comes from an African-American ethnic group and she is also an American citizen, being that she was born and raised in Chicago. Her parents are also American and she does not have any lineage or ancestors that she can connect to.

[table caption=”Biography & Facts” width=”500″ colwidth=”150|350″ colalign=”left|center”]
Born:,January 15. 1969
Profession:,actress / model / comedian
Net Worth:,500.000 dollars
Hair Color:,Black
Eye Color:,Black
Height:,5 feet and 8 inches
Weight:,67 kg
Married to:,no
Affair with:,N/A
Birth Sign:,Capricorn

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