Kemper Grant – Jungle – Review


Oklahoma-based artist, Kemper Grant, has just recently released his newest album titled “Jungle.” It is a breath of fresh air and a promising album that is surely going to kick start Kemper’s already promising career.

The album contains 8 tracks which showcase the Kemper’s familiar style and immense talent. Just by noticing the different styles that the songs are played and mixed in will you be able to notice how multi-talented and versatile Grant is. The songs are arranged quite nicely and each one is a story for itself.


They go from energetic songs that you can sing and dance to and bring the energy down to some smooth and mild rhythms. It is not a rollercoaster ride where you suddenly go from up to low, it transitions smoothly that you sometimes are not able to notice it. You can hear some really pleasant harmonics and songs that will remind you of the 80s disco hits.

“Jungle” has something for anyone. Being that it is so versatile allows it to be interesting for many people. Kemper still has a hold on the situation and this is not a wild mismatch of genres, it is an organized and stylized mix of songs.

After singles like “Elektra” and “Stay Smooth” Kemper Grant was finally able to create a whole concept with the album “Jungle.” He was already going in a straightforward direction with his current set of songs and the release of the newest album only helps him continue the path that he has already been on. Kemper is already known for his beats and the ability to create likable and songs that you can listen to. “Jungle” shows that he is able to mature as an artist and that he will only be able to develop even further when it comes to his solo career.

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