Kevin Lazan Biography

Kevin Lazan is famous for his relationship and marriage to Rachel Platten. Kevin and Rachel started dating first and got married in a beautiful wedding ceremony which was done in a traditional Jewish style. They are an exceptional couple and are very much faithful to each other. Since there have been no scandals about their marriage so far, we can only assume that they are enjoying a loving and a very nice relationships.

Rachel Platten is a singer and songwriter. She has only recently started to hit the height of her career. Thanks to her hit single “Fight Song” she started to get more and more popular. Actually it was thanks to Hilary Clinton, who chose the song for her presidential campaign. Every time Hilary would appear the song would go. This benefited Rachel’s career greatly and she has enjoyed her boost since then.


Kevin Lazan and Rachel Platten

Kevin Lazan is only popular through his marriage. People would probably not know who he is if there wasn’t for his marriage to Rachel. Kevin used to work as a Junior Agent at PuckAgency, which was his first job out of college. In 2006 he changed to Railway Media and worked there as an Operating Manager. Currently he holds a position at Next Street’s New York Advisory Practice where he works as a Director.

Kevin Lazan Net Worth and Salary

Kevin Lazan holds a great position. His job is pretty important to him and he enjoys doing it. He tries to advance his professional career the same way Rachel is doing with hers. Basically, there are no exact information how much they earned separately, but tighter they are worth 5 million dollars as their net worth states. All in all, both Kevin and Rachel are well off and enjoy the status that they have.


Kevin Lazan

Kevin Lazan Wife

Kevin Lazan is married to singer songwriter Rachel Platten. They met a long time ago in 2006 and went on a date. Rachel later unveiled that their fist date did not go so well. Even though Rachel immediately liked Kevin very much, she did not appreciate him taking her out to a bar. But she gave him another chance and they continued going out and seeing each other. They continued dating for the next six years, until Kevin finally decided to propose. He did so on a three-piece chariot and asked for her hand in marriage in a very romantic way. They ceremony was held in 2012 and it was held at Mount Hope Farm in Bristol, Rhode Island. They ceremony was done in a Jewish way since Rachel is of Jewish fate. They are enjoying their life very nicely and have recently moved. They have been living in New York, till now but they have moved recently to Santa Monice. They do not have any children so far but this move may mean that they are planning something.


Kevin Lazan on his wedding

Kevin Lazan Age

There are no exact information about Kevin Lazan’s background and about his family. His age is 35 years now, which means that he is only one year older than his wife. He attended the New York University’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business and got his MBA in Strategy and Finance in 2010.

Height and Weight

Kevin Lazan is very good looking, according to other trivia. He has managed to keep a great appearance and are one of the hottest couple alongside his wife. But many things are still not clear about him and it also includes his height and weight. He keeps the information about his body measurements a secret and does not reveal it so much for now.

Is Kevin Lazan Gay?

Since Kevin is in a lovey relationship with his wife Rachel Platten, there is no way one could assume that Kevin is gay. There might have been some rumors but we cannot deny him his sexuality now. Based on their Instagram posts and social network profiles they are having a very good relationship together and they very much enjoy their company. This means that the couple enjoys their marriage and relationship. There is now way that Kevin could be gay.


Kevin Lazan with his wife Rachel Platten

Nationality and Ethnicity

Based on the available information, Kevin Lazan is certainly American by nationality. He was born in America, but there are not a lot of information about his background. He is Caucasian but we are not sure if there is more to know about his family.

Biography & Facts
Born: N/A
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Religion: N/A
Profession: Director
Net Worth: $5 million (together with his wife)
Salary: N/A
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Married to: Rachel Platten
Affair with: No
Children: No
Birth Sign: N/A
Education: New York University’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business