Khadi Lee, Fall Down – Review

Khadi Lee, Cleveland singer, and songwriter is giving us a taste with this amazing single named ‘Fall Down’ of his upcoming EP, ‘Lvr Boy’, which will be out later this year.

The track is very mesmerizing and is destined to hijack your ears from the first listen! It has a powerful R’n’B sound. The song opens with smooth vocals and nice chord progression after which the synth bass kicks in to wrap up the whole piece together. The drums are simple but they establish that hypnotic and sensual feeling that is following you through the entire song.

The production itself has the highest quality and Khadi’s vocals are remarkable as always, some whispering is also in the song, making the song feel more emotional and personal. The lyrics are about love and attraction, how the man feels when he is attracted to a beautiful woman. Also, when you gather this beautiful melody and remarkable lyrics like this one, you are left with a terrific song where every detail serves a purpose and it is telling us a nice story that you can vibe to through a familiar R’n’B sound. Some of his previous songs that are as well very soft and beautiful are ‘Prism’ ‘W.O.Y (With Out You)’, ‘Prove It’, and ‘Pray for Me’.

The song ‘Fall Down’’ is available on Spotify, and you should go and check it out because you won’t regret it. It is made for the long night drives in the car with windows down.

That is the perfect way to experience this song and we are all hoping for that after COVID-19 pandemic. Also, in the future we are expecting a lot from this very talented singer, to set on fire the scene with his new EP ‘Lvr Boy’ which we are expecting very impatiently.

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