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Kimber Lynn Eastwood is best known for being the eldest daughter of her acclaimed and much more popular father Clint Eastwood. But while their father made a name for himself by acting and alter producing some great and legendary movies, Kimber is yet to make a permanent stamp of her own. She works as a makeup artist and has appeared as an actress in some smaller roles, but latterly she has also taken up producing and has done a number of projects since 2008.

Kimber Lynn was conceived in one of the many relationships that Clint had over the years. Her mother is actually a famous actress herself, namely Roxanne Tunis, with whom Clint had a secret affair back while they were filing a movie together. Kimber Lynn’s birth was kept a secret at first as Roxanne wished it to be as such, but later decided to reveal the name of the father to her daughter.


Kimber Lynn Eastwood

In Kimber Lynn Eastwood’s professional career she started off as a makeup artist. She has done makeup for various shows and movies with some of them being “Caffeine” (2006), “Road Side Assistance” (2006) and “Happy Campers” (2008), while the famed shows that she had done makeup for include “The Middleman,” “Dog The Bounty Hunter,” “Wheel of Fortune” and “Dog and Beth: On the Hunt.” She has not managed to make a lucrative career as an actress as her mother and father have, but has dabbled in acting as well. Her very first role was a minor one in a movie called “The Freeway Maniac” (1989).

Kimber Lynn Eastwood would later appear in a number of direct to video releases like “Passion Crimes” (2001), “The Theory of Everything” (2006), “A Way Back In” (2010), while her latest acting credit includes the recent move “The Vanishing Hitchhiker” (2016). But lately, Kimber Lynn Eastwood has been having a lot of success with directing with a lot of her projects being acclaimed by critics. Her first project was in 2014 when she produced the movie “Rapture” and it was later followed by “Dominion” (2014). She has a number of projects already lined in front of her and they include “Where Heaven and Hell Collide” (2016), “Threw Calling” (2016) and “Phoenix 454” (2016).

Kimber Lynn Eastwood  Net Worth and Salary

Being that Kimber Lynn Eastwood is the eldest daughter of a celebrity like Clint Eastwood and being that she belongs to a famous acting family, it makes her stock go even higher. She will probably never be able to have as great as a career as her father has but it appears that Kimber is doing pretty aright for herself. With the producer projects lining up in front of her and with various jobs she has got in planed her net worth is skyrocketing right now. Although unofficially, it has been estimated that she is currently worth 225 million dollars.

Partner and Family


Kimber Lynn Eastwood, Clint Eastwood’s oldest daughter

Kimber Lynn Eastwood is currently married, but she already has one failed marriage behind her. It appears that she is more like her father than you would think as she had a very interesting dating career where she was spotted with a lot of different people. But she finally decided to settle down in 1983 as she married her first husband Anthony Gaddie. They met on a set of a television series and actually dated before they would decide to marry. Only a year in their marriage, they had a son who was born on 7th November 1983 and named Clint Eastwood Gaddie. But the relationship did not go as smoothly as it started. After seven years of being married, Anthony and Kimber divorced in 1990.

It appears that the problem with Kimber Lynn Eastwood was that she had some affairs with her coworkers which prompted the divorce. She would continue that behavior and it was what led her to meet her future husband, Shawn Midkiff, an actor and a producer as well. They got married shortly after Kimber got divorced and are living together very well till this day. They have a very good relationship and it appears that Kimber Lynn has shaken off her past woes and dating habits as she finally decided to settle down for good.


Kimber Lynn Eastwood with her mother and husband


Kimber Lynn Eastwood was born as Kimber Lynn Tunis on 17th June 1964. Being that she was born out of a secret relationship between her father Clint Eastwood and mother Roxanne Tunis, her birth was kept a secret at first. Roxanne would later unveil the origin of Kimber’s birth and Clint would also confirm it. Kimber’s current age is 53, which also makes her the eldest sibling of all the other Eastwood’s children. Her other half-siblings include sisters Alison Eastwood, Francesca Eastwood and Kathryn Eastwood, and brother Scott Eastwood, Kyle Eastwood and Morgan Eastwood.

Height and Weight

Kimber Lynn Eastwood is reported to be 5 feet and 8 inches tall. But her other body measurements are not well known. She is in her middle-ages and tends to keep things private as many women do. So she is reluctant to divulge information about her weight and body measurements.

Is Kimber Lynn Eastwood a Lesbian?

Rumors about Kimber Lynn Eastwood being a lesbian are certainly not true. She has been reported to have a very promiscuous dating history while she was young, but never with a woman. She has married two times and had a lot of affairs during her time and it is enough proof of her sexuality. Thus she remains a heterosexual woman.


Kimber Lynn Eastwood today

Nationality and Ethnicity

Kimber Lynn Eastwood was born in Los Angeles and has earn her American nationality by right of birth and also by inheritance from her parents. She is Caucasian.

[table caption=”Biography & Facts” width=”500″ colwidth=”150|350″ colalign=”left|center”]
Born:,17th June 1964
Profession:,makeup artist
Net Worth:, 225 million dollars
Hair Color:,N/A
Eye Color:,N/A
Height:,5 feet and 8 inches
Married to:,Anthony Gaddie (1983-1990). Shawn Midkiff
Affair with:,N/A
Birth Sign:, Gemini

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