Kris Brkljac Biography

Until recently most people didn’t know who Kris Brkljac is. He became popular after he married the famous Canadian actress of Serbian origin Stana Katic. Even two years after the wedding the couple doesn’t share much of their intimacy with fans. There is very few Kris Brkljac and Stana Katic  pics on her Twitter or Instagram profile.

Stana Katic Facebook account also contains photos of herself but not those of her husband. It all leads to conclusion that the two like to keep their privacy away from the press and social media. Stana and Kris got married in an Orthodox Serbian monastery in a private ceremony on the Dalmatian coast.

Her fans are very curios to learn more about her husband, but there very little personal information about Kris revealed to public. There is no information available on his date of birth, age or early life. His full name is Kris Srboljub Brkljac.


Kris Brkljač with his wife Stana

It is also known that Kris is from Australia. His parents moved from Lika (Former Yugoslavia) to Australia where Kris and his brothers Milan and Dragoljub were born. He is also of Serbian ancestry.

Kris Brkljac Education and Profession

According to some reports, Kris Brkljac finished high school in Australia and graduated from University in USA. He has an academic background in Communication Media Law. In 2006 he started working as holds a vice president of sales at the software company Dispute Suite in Florida.

Today he is a successful businessman and he owns the international Sale and Development Company in Los Angeles, California. There were some reports stating that at the age of 21 Kris lived on the streets in USA. After moving from Australia to United States, Kris was homeless, but managed to finish his law school, raised money through loans and started his own business with two friends. Today, he is one of the most successful businessman in LA.


Kris Brkljac

Kris Brkljac Net Worth 2019 and Income

Giving the fact that he is a successful businessman, Kris Brkljac net worth is undoubtedly increasing from year to year. It is hard to find information about his net worth and income in media though. On the other hand, his wife Stana Katic net worth is arround $2 million.

Partner and Family

Kris is a married man. His wife is famous Hollywood actress Stana Katic, best known for her portrayal of Kate Beckett on the ABC series Castle. Kris Brkljac was married before.  Beautiful Canadian film and television actress is his second wife.

It is interesting fact that both, Kris and Stana share the same, Serbian roots. Famous Hollywood actress doesn’t miss the opportunity to emphasize how proud she is of her Serbian ancestry. Although born in Hamilton, Ontario, in Canada, she maintains strong relationship with the part of the family that lives in Serbia. She visited her family that lives in Indjija, Vojvodina in Serbia in summer 2014.


Kris Brkljač with his wife Stana Katic

She has four brothers and one sister and she is very close to her family. In fact, it was Stana’s brother Mark who introduced her and Kris Brkljac.  Mark was Kris’ business partner at the time.  The couple started dating and remained in the relationship for few years. Later on, Stana and Kris broke up, but met together in 2007 and decided to give their relationship a second chance. They finally got married in April 2015. The couple seem to live happily married life, so there is no affairs that we can associate to Kris Brkljac name so far. Kris has no children for now.

How Old is Kris Brkljac?

Stana Katic manages to keep her successful husband away from the public and her fans. The exact information about Kris Brkljac age is hard to find, however, according to some sources, he is 40 years old.

Height and Weight

There is no exact information about Kris Brkljac height and weight online.  Nevertheless, according to the photos in social media, Kris looks like tall and good looking guy.


Kris Brkljač with his wife on holiday in Greece (2014)

Is Kris Brkljac Gay?

There is no any information leading to a conclusion that Kris Brkljac may be a gay. He and one of the most beautiful Hollywood actress, Stana Katic, are in happy marriage.

Ethnicity and Nationality.

Kris Brkljac is of white ethnicity. He is of Serbian descent, born in Australia. He is mixed Australian/Serbian nationality.

Biography & Facts
Born: N/A
Nationality: Australian/Serbian
Ethnicity: White
Religion: N/A
Profession: Business consultant
Net Worth: $2 million
Salary: N/A
Hair Color: Dark-Brown
Eye Color: N/A
Height: N/A (Taller than Stana who is 1.75 Meters)
Weight: N/A
Married to: Stana Katic
Affair with: N/A
Children: N/A
Birth Sign: N/A
Education: high school in Australia – graduated from University in USA – academic background in Communication Media Law

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