Lauren Alaina Took to Facebook Live to Show her Appreciation

Recently the song “Road Less Traveled,” sang by the county sensation Lauren Alaina, became the Number One song on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart. Lauren, who is only 22, was exasperated as this was the first time for her to top the charts on country radio and it was also the first every achievement for a country singer woman to do so. After hitting the number one spot, Lauren to the Facebook and in a tearful message thanked all her fans live by delivering a video. She stated that she had five singles appearing on country radio before and none of them worked, but it was because of her fans that she continued and that they were the reason that this latest one worked. Lauren was not afraid to show tears, display courage and passion, as they delivered the message to all of her fans, promising that she will continue on the road she has decided to travel on.

Natalie Stewart Denies to Comment About the Parade Car

Tony Stewart is a household name when it comes to NASCAR driving, and his popularity remains even still after his retirement. Being a home native of Columbus, he has appeared in an annual parade a few times before, with the latest one being in 2011. The first time Stewart appeared on the parade was back in 2005, which was just after him wining the Brickyard 400 NASCAR race in Indianapolis. This time Tony is appearing as a special guest as the major has already announced and being that he is retired he will act as a living legend which his fans will be able to see.

But this year, Tony is not going to be the Grand Marshal of the parade as this position has already been filled. But it still does not diminishes his role here. He is going to take the role of an honorary guest. But what people are mostly wondering is what car he will be riding on. The last time his parade float was a Chevrolet Camaro convertible, on which he rode with Major Fred Armstrong and waived to the people. People tried to get the information from his sister Natalie Stewart, but she denied having any knowledge about the possible vehicle that he will be showcased on. She just said “You will have to wait and see it for yourself.”


Beverly D’Angelo Finally Forgives her Ex Al Pacino

It has been almost 15 years since Beverly D’Angelo and Al Pacino split up and the famed actress has finally decided to forgive her husband. The coupe broke up and divorced two years after they had their children and ended up having a heated custody battle for them. Beverly states that she got pregnant at 48 and managed to deliver the twins safely at the age of 49 and that at first she through that she was not cut out to be a mother. But after learned about the news of being pregnant she eased into the role of finally being a mother. But she was not prepared to deal with a divorce which came only two years after the birth.

She sates that she was blindsided and that she really did not see it coming. Al left her and she was left with two kids that she had to learn to raise on her own at the age of 51. They would then engage in a heated battle over the children where none of them would budge. But after almost 15 years of quarrels, Beverly is ready to forgiven her ex-husband. “It is time for us the become friends. There is no use of holding to old memories. You have to create new history in order to let the old one go. Al and I are willing to work things out finally, “Beverly stated recently as she has finally realized that holding a grudge would not take her anywhere.


Alaina Mathers Slips Out an Eminem and Madonna Collaboration

Eminem has been in the spotlight recently due to his long expected album. Eminem is supposed to come out with the possibly titled album “Rapper God” but there is still no news about the particulars about the album. One thing has managed to slip through the cracks though, when his adopted daughter Alaina Mathers tweeted out a message that she adores Madonna. This message was later deleted from her account but it did lead us to believe into something which has been rumored recently. Eminem is linked to make a song with the pop queen herself and based on this message it might become reality. Eminem and Madonna have a lot of things in common besides being blonde, they both have adopted children, with Madonna adopting a pair of kids from Malawi recently, and they both use a mononym as their name, and most importantly they both come from Detroit, Michigan. The last part might bring them to make a duet as everybody is expecting them to.


Martha MacCallum Interview Rod Rosenstein

Fox’s news reporter Martha MacCallum had to say that Rod Rosenstein had pretty much thrown James Comey under the bus. He has shifted the majority of blame due to the leaked memos recently and feels that he is much at fault. Many questions that Martha asked Mr. Rosenstein were not answered as he was inclined to disregard the question or state that he is not obliged to give answers to then. But when it came to James Comey he was very adamant about him. Rosenstein stated

We take confidentiality seriously, and so when we have memoranda about our ongoing matters, we have an obligation to keep that confidential.

But when asked

What was your reaction to that, when he said he leaked that information to the press?

he declined to comment on this specific situation but with obvious appall towards Comey.


Martha MacCallum

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