Lauryn Hill Biography

Lauryn Hill is a famous rap singer, musician, record producer and actress. She rose to prominence during the 90s when she had her best work done. She was first and foremost the part of a group the Fugees, and she later on to perform by herself and had a successful solo career. While Lauryn was still in high school she was approached by Pras Michel who convinced her to join their band and alongside Wyclef Jean they made their band and only after renaming it to Fugees they started being successful. In total Lauryn Hill went on to make “Blunted on Reality” in 1994 and later on the Grammy-winning “The Score” (1996) which went on to become their most famous album yet. But things ended in 1997 when the band broke up and it was mostly because of the struggles that Lauryn and Jean were having with their relationship during that time.

After the Fugees broke up, Lauryn decided to embark on a solo career and would produce only one album, titled “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.” But this album became her greatest success to date as it debuted in number 1 on the US Billboard 200 chart. The album was so successful that it did not only sell well but it also bought a total of five awards form the 41st Grammy Ceremony. Some of the awards were Album of the Year and also Best New Artist.


41st Grammy Ceremony (Lauryn Hill)

But Lauryn has once again dropped out of the public eye as she felt disheartened by the industry and has often criticized the modern pop culture. Some people say that she could not handle the pressure of fame and has left the industry for a while. She came back with an MTV Unplugged 2.0 album in 2012, but it did not prove to be a success as her prior work. Lauryn Hill now releases a few songs here and there and tours from time to time so you can sometimes see her appearing on certain festivals, but she has lost the thing that made her popular in the first place. Her downfall went even further in 2012 when she pleaded guilty for tax eversion charges and she was eventually incarcerated for three months in 2013

Lauryn Hill Net Worth and Salary

With her fabulous career behind her, Lauryn Hill has managed to get a very nice income for herself. Although her current career is on sloping path downward, she still has a name and the past popularity which made her music interesting to a lot of people. All in all, her current net worth is estimated at being 7 million dollars but her salary and earnings now are not known.

Partner and Family

Lauryn Hill is officially not married, but is in a kind of a relationship with Rohan Marley, one of the sons of the legendary reggae legend Bob Marley. Lauryn and Rohan have five children together, although they have never decided to marry. But Lauryn has a sixth child which she gave birth recently and it appears that this was not Rohan’s child. Lauryn has not wanted to comment who the father of her latest child is and the identity remains unclear. Also, at this moment the relationship between Lauryn and Rohan is not steady so we can credit it that they are not in good terms. Together they do have five children which are Zion, Selah, Joshua, John and Serah.


Lauryn Hill with family

Lauryn Hill Age

Lauryn Hill was born as Lauryn Noelle Hill in South Orange, New Jersey. Her birthday is on May 26, 1975 and she is currently 42 years old. Her father is a computer and management consultant Mal Hill and her mother is an English teacher named Valerie Hill. Lauryn also has a brother called Melaney. They were raised in a Baptist way and the family moved a little bit as they also spend time in New York and Newark but eventually ended up in South Orange where Lauryn has grown up and spent most of her childhood.


Lauryn Hill

Height and Weight

Lauryn Hill still manages to look good but the struggles that she had in recent times have taken a toll on her. She is 161 cm tall and weighs 53 kg. She has black hair and brown eyes.

Is Lauryn Hill a Lesbian?

Lauryn Hill may be a lot of things but she is not a lesbian. She has always been inserted in men and her latest child also states that she was able to have an affair without her boyfriend Rohan knowing about it. She has always been interested in men and her sexuality is straight.


Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley

Nationality and Ethnicity

Lauryn Hill was born in America and she is an American citizen. She also belongs to the African American ethnic group.

Biography & Facts
Born: May 26 1975
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: African American
Religion: N/A
Profession: Singer – Songwriter – Actress
Net Worth: $7 million
Salary: N/A
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 161 cm
Weight: 53 kg
Married to: No
Affair with: No
Children: 6 (Zion – Selah – Joshua – John – Serah – Micah Hill)
Birth Sign: Gemini
Education: Columbia University

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