Legion Season 2 Episode 3 Review

Season 2 of FX’s Show Legion is already well on its way. The unexpected success of the first season took everybody by surprise. No one could have taught that a B-rated Marvel comic book hero, or antihero, would have make for such good viewing. Critics and fans say that the FX’s version of Legion is far more interesting than the original one and the one we found in the comic books. But they have really done a great job balancing things out and taking only the necessary parts of the comic book in order not to make it really campy.

But what is the difference between Legion Season 1 and Season 2 to far? It rather simple, the villain, the Shadow King. What made the first season so compelling to watch was the battle that David Heller, aka Legion (magnificently portrayed by Dan Stevens), with his mental state and the battle with his daemons. The latter is another intriguing part of the show, the daemons or rather the parasite that infected his mind in the form of the Shadow King. The Shadow King of Season 1 was this bulging, yellow-eyed monster. A nightmarish Boogeyman which has infected David’s mind for years. Aubrey Plaza who played the Shadow King’s human form in the first season probably stole the show and was the driving force of the season. Now the Shadow King appears in a different body and a different personality. Navid Negahban’s Shadow King has a sophisticated, devilish, plot twisting approach to this character which still brings intrigue to the show. But we will all agree that it is not the same as the previous incarnation of the Shadow King.

The third episode of season thee that aired quite recently gave us more insight about the nature of the Shadow King. It actually managed to continue the story of the show in the direction where it was already headed and there is more interesting development for many of the current characters.

One of the biggest revelations for David is learning that he is not able to kill Farouk in this time line and he learns about this from future Syd (played by Rachel Keller). This brings David in a very awkward position as he is forced to search for Farouk not to kill him, but to convince him to join together. His thoughts are that if the two make a pact they will be able to ballet the same enemy together. It’s the old the enemy of my enemy is my friend routine. Farouk accepts, but at the same time has a very dangerous request that he proposes to David. On the other hand, Kerry and Cary are now two separate beigns.

They no longer share a bond together, but Cary is still helping Kerry make a transition and adapt herself to an independent life. Kerry (played by Amber Midthunder) is forced to learn basic functions that a human being does. She is learning how to eat and how to defecate, since she did not need to do that before. Cary (portrayed by Bill Irwin) is there to help her. Maybe they do not share a bond anymore but he still feels a connection to his half and is compelled to help her in need. It is an insight in a sweet relationship and a bond that the two of them still have, although separated this time.

In Chapter 11, we are able to see the development of Farouk. But it is more than clear that he is an untrustworthy person. The poolside scene is marvelous and is complete with Lenny trying to kill or hurt herself, but we all know that this is Farouk’s doing and a way for him to manipulate David. The mystery behind Farouk is still not clear and we are yet to learn his motifs. An interesting addition is when he tries to misbalance David with his story about Charles Xavier, aka Doctor X, aka David’s father. But David seems to bother this one off. What is more important to him is the revelation that changing something for the past of future Syd will possibly destroy her and erase her forever. This brings David to the realization that both future and present Syd are in danger and he needs to find a way to help and protect them both, without hurting one or the other.

The next intriguing part of Chapter 3 is the monk’s escape and him infecting Division 3. The former team members of the Summerland gang are infected. They are again made damsels in distress that David has to come and rescue. But what we are able to see in their minds is really intriguing. Ptonomy (played by Jeremie Harris) is stuck in a garden without the ability to remember anything, while Melanie (Jean Smart) is controls an old text RPG. Both of the characters are at peace and are trapped living their ideal lives inside their heads without knowing it. But this premise does not further the story so much nor does it develop their characters. This is a ploy to get the band back together and to reunite Ptonomy and Melanie back together with David. It is only an ill-attempt to reunite them but it is done in a very imaginative way at least.

Probably the best part of the episode was the part about Cary and Kerry, The two were probably one of the most compelling parts of Season 1 and have rewarded us with so much. The relationship that the two have has only been scratched in the first season since the second one actually brings us a lot more about their characters that we need to learn. Particularly in this episode, Cary and Kerry are finally split apart and are supposed to function independently. The thing is that Kerry has never done any of the normal things that one does in life, like eating and having to go to the bathroom. Cary tries to teacher her these simple things in life and explain to her how she actually needs to indulge herself. It is absolutely heartwarming to see how their relationship is deepened here. But it is also heart wrenching to see when Cary falls to the Catalyst which is followed by an even better performance by Bill Irwin.

All in all, Episode 3 of Season 2 is by no means a game changer. We do get to learn some fun things and are informed about certain things only. We learn more about Farouk’s background, and simply that’s it. Ptonomy being infected with that strange goo or Syd walking the hallways of Division 3 is nothing special. But we do have to admit that Aubrey Plaza’s flashbacks and the Minotaur creature make for a great addition to liven up the situation a bit.