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Lena The Plug, real name Lena Nersesian, is a YouTube personality and fitness enthusiast. Lena launched her channel in 2016 and is one of the few people who don’t have to work at being immensely popular; she is a natural. She is a bold person and rose to fame after promising to release a sex-tape if her subscribers reached a million. Even after she failed to do so, she still remains popular and continues to draw followers. Her lenatheplug Instagram account has more than 2.2 million followers.

Net Worth & Salary

Lena transformed her previously dull life into one that she not only enjoys, but makes a living from. She earns from her YouTube account, social media and online store. Her annual income is about $200,000 a year. Her net worth isunclear, but estimates put it at over $1 million.


Lena Nersesian


Lena earned a degree in Psychology at the University of California, Santa Cruz, in 2013. During her studies, she spent a year at Lund University in Sweden as an exchange student. Turning down a Post-Graduate degree offer, feeling she could not afford the high fees, she took to doing simple hustles. She worked as a nanny, an Uber driver and at a grocery store. She worked at a social media start-up, where she gained experience while orchestrating social media campaigns for models and other clientele. It was here that she discovered the vast potential that the internet and social media held.

Lena decided to get into the act for herself and launched her YouTube channel ‘Lena the Plug’ in 2016. She entertained viewers with fitness videos and lifestyle vlogs. The videos featured fitness tutorials and workout routines. Her popularity rose when she started to post ‘must watch’ videos for fans who were fitness and lifestyle conscious. She also posted content about her personal life and gave relationship advice.

Lena keeps her fans busy by posting videos often and engaging them in open conversations.

Sex sells. That’s a fact; Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian are just two modern examples of this; Marilyn Monroe with her skirt billowing is an image from the past many will never forget. JFK is rumoured to have been attracted to Marilyn when he saw the photo and they had an affair. Lena realised this and she subsequently shot to fame when she posted a video titled “$EXTAPE AT 1 MILL” in which she promised to release a sex-tape of her and her boyfriend if her subscribers reached 1 million. Her subscribers quickly shot from 37,000to over a million.

When she got her target subscribers, Lena reneged on the deal. She went on the attack instead, criticising subscribers who were only there to watch her sex-tape. Surprisingly, there was no major backlash and her subscriptions remained steady. They were enjoying the content and most opted to stay. There is, however, a video of Lena in a threesome with her boyfriend and Taylor White.

In 2018, Lena The Plug was nominated alongside another popular content creator, Tana Mongeau in the “Personality of the Year” category in the Inaugural PornHub Awards. Lena walked away with the award. Rapper and music producer Kanye West directs the show.

Lena works for feminist causes and also has a personal online store. Her hobbies include reading and writing poems.

Lena the Plug walked away with the title of the year as the celebrity of the year 2018. The show is directed by Kanye West – rapper and music producer.

She won after she was nominated alongside another popular content creator, Tana Mongeau.


Lena The Plug

Partner and Family

Lena is in an open relationship with BMX rider and YouTube personality Adam Gandmaison. The couple have been together since 2016, and often include third parties when having sex. They often film these encounters and “leak” them online. Lena told her fans that she had “tested things out” by letting her friend Emily sleep with her boyfriend.

Lena’s parents are conservative Christians and do not approve of her activities and career choice. They feel she wasted her Psychology degree and should have gone on to Graduate school. Dismissing her parents, Lena says that they will eventually come around when they recover from their shock.

She has no children.


Lena The Plug and Adam Gandmaison


Lena Nersesian was born on 1st June 1991, making the Gemini 28 years old. She is an only child and grew up in Glendale, California. Her parents were conservative Christians and would not allow talk about sex or dating. Lena was not even allowed to watch the sitcom”Boy Meets World”! It is not that surprising that she has turned out to be who she is; most people bought up in such families, when they discover freedom in college, usually rebel and go the opposite way!

Height & Weight

Lena is an attractive, shapely and fit 5ft 1in fall.


Lena The Plug in bikini

Nationality & Ethnicity

Lena’s parents are Americans of Armenian descent.

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