Lester Holt is on a Role

The NBC news reporter Lester Holt (Carol Hagen’s husband) is on a tear recently. His show NBC Nightly News has been the most viewed show 67 weeks straight, kicking off the 2017-2018 season and winning the key demo. The show held on September 25th mark week 67 that this show was the most watched and it set a milestone and added one more accomplishment to Lester Holt’s career. The report on that day was memorable for one more reason, as Lester was doing a report from Puerto Rico. He is also the first and only reporter to do a broadcast directly from the ground of Puerto Rico after the devastating hurricane Maria struck the island. This way he emphasized the situation the people of Puerto Rico are and said that they all need our help.

Is Sherrill Sajak Really a Celebrity?

Sometimes it does not take so much to become a celebrity. In this day of age one can come up with a simple gimmick and reach stardom very easily and very quickly. But is it really possible to marry into one. According to some people it is. But what if you do not have any other special gifts or talents to be viewed as a celebrity. For example, what can we say about Sherrill Sajak. Sherrill was marred to Pat Sajak, the famous talk show host, for a period between 1979 and 1986 and they in the end split apart and divorced. She did not really have anything to of for her after the split and remained anonymous till this day. So much that people actually are not sure what happened with her in the first place. As for Pat, he remarried and continued on his own path. SO it is important to say that Sherrill married into her celebrity status which went away once the marriage has gone.

Erin Krakow Fans Will be Happy About The News of the Show Comeback


Hallmark original series “When Calls the Hearth” will be renewed for its 5 season. This is an original scripted drama show which has only now entered in its 4th season on Hallmark which the fans have just started to watch. The comeback of the series was long awaited and fans immediately flocked to see the adventures of their favorite characters. Now the fans got some new news which says that the show will have another season after this one as season 5 will be filmed immediately afterwards. The show’s protagonists is played by Erin Krakow and she feels excited to come back and play one of her favorite characters which she has done so far. “When Calls the Hearth” is a show about a young woman who wants to start fresh and start a new chapter in her life and starts doing that in a small 20th century coal mining town in America.

Latest Instagram Post of Elena Moussa

Elena Moussa and her husband Great Gutfeld are really a power couple. They complement each other very well and have a perfect relationship in many ways of the word. Besides being the owner of Fashion Shop and being very delightful. Elena is very funny and has a great sense of humor. This is something that probably made their marriage work and helped them get closer. She recently posted a picture of her husband working quite hard at his computer with a comment bellow “Pretending to work so he can get out of doing the chores.” The image was granted with many likes and comments and it just shows the nature and character that Elena possesses.

Dianne Holechek Wants to Change her Husband’s Image

When you think of Chuck Norris you immediately think of explosions, guns and high-kicks. But his wife Dianne wants to help him shed off that image as in his late day of age he is not fit to do such kind of acting anymore. She is helping him find and establish himself as a more sensual actor where he could get some roles where real acting is required and not just ass kicking. She explains that actors like Clint Eastwood or Dustin Hoffman have been able to shed off their old images and established a new one, so why not Chuck as well. We actually cannot imagine Chuck Norris acting in a sensual drama or him being nothing less than a tough guy, so we will see if the idea that his wife has becomes a fruitful one for his career.

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