Lloyd Braun net worth

Lloyd Braun net worth is $25 million. He is best known as an American media executive who lost his job at ABC for spending more than $15 million on the pilot episode of “Lost” which other executives considered to be a failure.

That TV Show became one of the most successful shows in TV history. And besides “Lost”, Lloyd Braun greenlit TV shows like Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, Boston Legal, and Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Don’t confuse him with the character you can see in a TV Show “Seinfeld”. More about that, at the end of the article.

Lloyd Braun net worth: $25 million

Lloyd Braun Education and Career

Lloyd Braun was born in 1958 to a Jewish family – Merna and David Braun. He was born and raised in New York.

After earning a B.A. from Vassar College in 1980 he also received a law degree from the University of California Hastings College of the Law in 1983. His father was an entertainment attorney, so he Lloyd decided to follow in his footsteps. For ten years, prior to him becoming a television executive, Lloyd Braun practiced entertainment law, and he actually represented some pretty high-profile clients like Howard Stern, Larry David, and David Chase.

Lloyd Braun First Major Success (ABC)

Lloyd Braun actually made “The Sopranos” work. He helped the producer of “Sopranos” David Chase come to the idea. And after that, he became the Chairman of the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) and served as the Chairman from 2002 to 2004. They kicked him out after he had greenlit the “Lost” and its $13 million pilot. He has a history of greenlighting TV shows that become a huge success. Those shows became a stepping stone for ABC.

Lloyd Braun Yahoo! And Whalerock Industries

Shortly after losing his job at ABC, Lloyd Braun started working for Yahoo! As the head of their content division. And while working for the Yahoo! Media Group, he directly overlooked the rise of “OMG!”, daily video show “The 9”, and redesigns of their major media sites and properties. Lloyd Braun resigned from Yahoo! Media Group in 2006 and partnered with an American producer and television executive Gail Berman. The two of them founded an entertainment company called BermanBraun.

The first step for this new company was an alliance with television, digital, and film companies such as NBC, SMG, and SyFy network. They are the one responsible for “Alphas”, but everyone makes mistakes.

In 2014, Lloyd Braun ought the entire company from his partner Gail Berman and renamed it to “Whalerock Industries”. His IPs constantly evolve in order to keep pace with other companies. That is why his “Whalerock Industries” occupies two extremely different buildings. In one building, where Braun is, has “carpeted floors, secretaries, muted colors and expansive private offices, with a bowl of fruit in the waiting room.” The other building is a huge warehouse filled with fleets of young IT experts and content creators.

Lloyd Braun Latest Deal

The newest addition is cooperation with Netflix. Whalerock’s “Hyperdrive” is a 10-part series produced by Lloyd Braun, Aaron Catling, Chris Cowan, Charlize Theron, Beth Kono and AJ Dix. They are filming “Hyperdrive” in Rochester, New York and it will launch in 2019. We need to wait and see if that little coproduction is going to change anything with Lloyd Braun’s net worth in the following year.

Lloyd Braun – a Character in Seinfeld

Well, Lloyd lost a bet, and that is the main reason you constantly hear “Lloyd Braun”.

Lloyd Braun and a creator of the “Seinfeld” Larry David have been friends for 20 (and something) years. They have been playing golf every single weekend, and during one of their games, the two of them made a bet. Lloyd Braun lost that bet, and Larry could do whatever he wanted to do with his name.

The video below shows the “genesis of Lost” and all the drama about the pilot that got Lloyd Braun fired from ABC.

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Profession:,American media executive
Net Worth:,$25 million
Hair Color:,Brown
Eye Color:,Blue
Married to:,Lauren (née Michelson)
Affair with:,N/A
Birth Sign:,N/A
Education:,Vassar College – University of California Hastings College

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