Is Lori Anne Allison the One to Blame for Depp’s Financial Crisis?

For a popular actor who makes millions of dollars per movie, you would not guess that Johnny Depp is actually facing struggling times. The actor has been in debt recently as he has managed to blow through his fortune that led him to the brink of financial ruin. Although some people say that there is still time for him to earn back the money and salvage the situation, others claim that he is a bust. But what is actually the reason for him ending up the way he is. Recently, Depp has charged his former business managers, Joel and Robert Mandel, with fraud. They are reportedly to blame for the situation the actor is facing. Some of it may be true and some of it still has to be determined. But one thing is for sure, Depp has brought the majority on himself. His unsensational spending has brought him to where he is now and it appears that a certain kind of friendship has made him blow his fortune.

Depp’s former wife, Lori Anne Allison, who Depp divorced a long time ago, was the one who introduced him to Nicolas Cage. Although Nicolas is known for a lot of things, one thing that you mostly connect with him is that he himself has blown is cash on stupid and unnecessary things. It caused him to go bankrupt in 2009 which is why you have probably seen him in every stupid movie ever made, as he is trying to earn back the money he owes. This fatal friendship has probably led Johnny to embark on a similar spending path as his good friend Nicolas was the perfect role model for him. And it all goes back to Lori Anne Allison. So it appears that Lori is getting back to her husband in a way through a friendship which will change him and probably haunt him for the rest of his life.

Ice Cube Praises his Wife and Advises Jennifer Lopez

Ice Cube and Jennifer Lopez met for an interview as the only survivors of the famed “Anaconda.” The movie is getting 20 years old already and it was the main reason the actors and musicians got together to share their experiences about the movie and also talk about some other things. Jennifer joked about being able to kill the snake in the end of the movie, as both her and Ice Cube’s character managed to survive in the end, being that mostly “the black guy and the brown girl are the first one to go in these kind of movies” to quote Lopez.

She also went on to talk about her relationship her and Alex Rodriguez are starting to get serious. Ice wished Jennifer luck and told her that he hopes she gets to be happy in this one and that maybe in 25 years from now they could exchange pleasantries about her married life. Ice Cube is the one to talk, as he has been happily married to Kimberly Woodruff for 25 years now. “She is my everything” Ice went to say, “And she will always be there for me as she has thought me a lot of things in my life.” Kimberly and Ice Cube are probably the perfect example that Jennifer has to follow in order to get her relationship as stable as their one is.


Jennifer Lopez and Ice Cube in Anaconda movie

Chris Stapleton, Domination!!!

After the year’s halfway review, Chris Stapleton is dominating the country charts. He has managed to get both first two places with the number one being his latest and current album “From a Room: Volume 1,” which sold 484,000 copies. It is followed by his debuting record which was released in 2015 and called “Traveller” which sold 396,000 copies so far. These numbers are calculated based on a combination of various kinds of sales, both digital and physical, as various downloading and steaming services are also included. Stapleton’s debut album “Traveller” has also gone platinum recently as it has reached the 2 million number since its inception.


Chris Stapleton with his wife and children

Jake Short and Girlfriend Alexxis Lemire Wished Each Other a Happy Birthday

Many people do not know that Disney Channel star Jake Short and his model girlfriend Alexxis Lemire actually share a birthday. This is so adorable that it has to be true and it actually is. The couple are enjoying great times together and have exchanged pleasantries via Instagram and wished each other a happy birthday Jake wrote “Alexxis. Thanks for dealing with me through these underage years. Hopefully you can handle my antics for a long time to come. Cheers to more incredible adventures 🙂 Happy Birthday. And. Anniversary. Your birthday isn’t the only thing that happened today.”

To which Alexxis replied:

Happy birthday to my (startist), tooth picking, forehead kissing man. Wouldn’t be okay with sharing my birthday with anyone but you. What a special day this is and always will be for us, for so many reasons. I love you baby.

They have got to be the most adorable couple ever, don’t you agree?


Alexxis Lemire and Jake Short

Kristin Fisher Reports From the White House

Kristin Fisher was one of many reports who went to the White House to report on the recent statement that Kushner had to give. If you follow Kristine’s Twitter account you will see how thrilled she actually got to be just by being in the White House. This is certainly not the prime of her career but she sure has acted as it was. She solemnly reported immediately about the statement which Kushner had to give about his implications. Kristin immediately tweeted the message “All of my actions were proper & occurred during the course of a very unique campaign… I did not collude with Russia.” That Kushner gave without any comments. It appears that she leaves it open to interpretation or maybe perhaps she does not want to accuse publicly.

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