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Season 3 of the hit crime, comedy-drama television series Lucifer has just ended. The first episode of the season was aired on 2 October 2018, with the final one being shown on 14 May 2018. Subsequently, the final was followed by two additional episodes which were released on 28 May 2018. It was a thrilling season that continued the story of Lucifer, played magnificently by Tom Ellis, and the gang. Season 2 ended up with a massive cliffhanger which saw Lucifer stranded in a desert, shirtless and beaten, looking in the sky with his wings fully restored and spread on his back.

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Season 3 also brought a lot of controversy towards the continuation of the show. Being that the first 3 seasons were shown on Fox, they head decided to pull the plug on the show and cancel it. It was followed by a massive uproar by the fans who demanded that the series was brought back. Even Tom Ellis and other members of the cast protested and campaigned for the show to be brought back. It was announced recently that Netflix will continue the show with Season 4 already in the works.

Lucifer the series is based on Vertigo’s Lucifer the comic book. The main protagonist and all the characters from it were created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth, and Mike Dringenberg. Lucifer itself is a spinoff series that draws its origin from a much more popular piece of writing, the Sandman comic books, written by the same set of writers.

Before we start on a new chapter and a new home for Lucifer, let’s recap season 3.

S03 E01 – They’re back, aren’t they?

Lucifer wakes up in a desert with his wings fully restored. He picks up a ride and gets back to LA without any recollection on how he got there. The first thing he does is ask Linda (Rachael Harris) to help him remove his wings. Which she refuses. On the other end, a dehydrated boy is found in the same desert where Lucifer woke up. Chloe (Lauren German) is sent to investigate the murder by her new boss Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling). The body is that of a dead man who is revealed to have been kidnapped by a closer friend as a prank.

Lauren German Biography

Lauren German Biography

In the meantime, Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) keeps searching for a way to get his wings back and later embarks on a pair of cut wings that Lucifer removed. Lucifer attempts to show his true form to Chloe but reveals that his devil face is also gone, with the addition of his wings growing back, after he removed them.  In order to lure the kidnapper out, Dan (Kevin Alejandro) acts as a target, and Lucifer arranges it all. But Lucifer shifts everything in the final second and makes himself a target because he believed that the same person abducted him. Lucifer uncovers that the men were sent by a mysterious figure called the Sinnerman.

S03 E02 – The one with the baby carrot

Chloe does not believe Lucifer about the existence of the elusive Sinnerman and demands that he brings her evidence. In the meantime, the two are assigned to a new case by Pierce. The case involves a murdered comedian who accused his rival, Bobby Lowe, of stealing his jokes. In the meantime, Amendiel shows Linda Lucifer’s severed wings and asks her for help to dispatch of them. Lucifer and Chloe attend one of Bobby’s shows and it turns out that he actually did steal jokes from his colleague.

Pierce then confirms to Lucifer that the Sinnerman actually does exist and that he is himself is hunting him down as he killed someone dear to Pierce. After that, Dan and Lucifer organize a sting operation where they find out that the dead comedian was working with Sheila, Bobby’s warm-up act, on a new set. Being that she is involved in all of it, she is arrested after which Pierce and Lucifer agree to help each other find the mysterious Sinnerman.

S03 E03 – Mr. and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith

Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) starts to grow bored with her current life and decides that she needs to hunt a more challenging target. She tracks down Ben Rivers in Canada and finds a witness who points to her the location of his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Lucifer and Chloe conduct their own investigation and find out that Ben Rivers is actually a master manipulator and that he is very dangerous. But as they find out the address of Rivers, Lucifer decides to nevertheless send her the address and thus whereabouts of Rivers. But Maze finds out that Rivers used to work with Herrera, the guy who sent Maze to catch Rivers, as a bounty hunter.

Lesley-Ann Brandt

Lesley-Ann Brandt

This allows them to form a unique bond together. Rivers manages to escape to avoid being arrested, but Chloe still manages to provide Rivers’ innocence with the help of Lucifer. They also find out that Herrera was the real murderer all along and they arrest him instead. Maze decides to leave Rivers despite having feelings for him and he, in turn, warns her that she might be in danger. The episode ends with a mysterious figure putting a Maze’s file in a drawer where files of other main characters of the show are already placed.

S03 E04 – What would Lucifer do?

Amendiel tries to advise Lucifer, which the latter refuses. Chloe is given a case by Pierce where a councilman was killed with a tool that belonged to a resident who is now missing. Lucifer manages to track down the missing resident and brings him to the station. Lucifer tries to accuse him of the murder but despite all of his efforts, he turns out to be innocent. Lucifer then starts to act juvenile because his attempts failed and start running a marijuana distribution ring with the other kids.

But this way, Lucifer leads Chloe to find the murder weapon. In the meantime, Amendiel gets arrested for attacking a pimp while Dan comes to his rescue to bail him out. This leads Amendiel to a conclusion of how lonely Lucifer actually is as due to his excessive lifestyle. Pierce and Chloe manage to track down the new suspect who shoots and wounds Pierce. Lucifer tracks the suspect down and almost kills him, but is stopped by Amendiel. Amendiel sees his existence as a test and that his job is to protect Lucifer. But Lucifer states that he is wrong and that he himself is only being published for loving Chloe.

S03 E05 – Welcome back, Charlotte Richards

The owner of a pudding company, named Simon Fischer, is found dead in a tub in one of his factories. It turns out that he is represented by Charollote Richards, towards whom Lucifer still has conflicting feelings. Chloe and Lucifer manage to find out that the owner wanted to sell his secret recipe. Charlotte is still looking for her missing memories and tracks down Lucifer with a pretention that the two were romantically involved.

He explains it to her that her soul was trapped in hell, while her body was inhabited by his mother. She has a tough time believing in this first. He tells her that if she confesses her sins, she will not wind up in hell again. She does and tells him about her client’s formula as well. The formula was doing damage to people and Simon committed suicide in order to expose them. Charlotte starts feeling guilty and holds everyone involved as a hostage in order to make them confess who the killer was. Lucifer manages to talk her down and uses a recording as evidence to capture the real killer. In the end, he explains that Charlotte is not to blame for what his mother had done and the two agree to start a professional relationship from there on.

S03 E06 – Vegas with some radish

Lucifer receives not about the disappearance of his former, fake wife, Candy, during Chloe’s birthday party. Lucifer and Ella (Aime Garcia) quickly travel to Las Vegas to find her where they find a woman dressed up as Candy murdered. The first suspect that Lucifer has turned up to be dead also. They try to investigate the other murder as well, during which Ella is caught in a casino for counting cards.

They find Candy alive who has been posing as a waitress in the same casino and she too has been investigating the murder of the woman who was her friend. They set up a trap at the casino and manage to catch the killer, who turns up to be Jedd the bartender. Lucifer returns to his apartment and sees Chloe, Linda, and Dan, who had thrown a party and tried to open his safe in the apartment, during his absence. Lucifer then opens the safe for Chloe and gives her a necklace made out of the bullet she shot him with when they started working way back in Season 1.

S03 E07 – Off the record

Reese Getty, Linda’s former husband, wakes up from a coma and discovers that Linda has been having an affair with Lucifer. Since he is an investigative journalist, he decides to write an expose about Lucifer. In the meantime, Chloe and Lucifer are on another case where they are chasing a serial killer and Linda gives Reese their divorce papers. But right as Lucifer manages to convince Reese to drop his case against him, Reese witnesses Lucifer using his devil face. A year has passed and during that time Reese has been gathering evidence against Lucifer. So he decides to shoot Lucifer during his session with Linda.

He is devastated to learn that Linda has known about Lucifer’s identity all along. Reese is now angrier than ever and manages to find the serial killer and makes him target Lucifer in order to get his revenge, but the plan backfires as an innocent woman is killed along the way. Reese blames Lucifer for the event, but Lucifer explains to him that humans are at fault for damning themselves. Reese then lures the killer luring himself as the bait and gets wounded in the process. He wakes up in the same hospital bed from the start of the episode, revealing that it has been Reese’s soul stuck in Hell the whole time reliving the same event over and over again.

S03 E08 – Chloe does Lucifer

After Amendiel tells Lucifer that he started to become boring, the later starts growing concern. But at the same time, Chloe is investigating a case where a woman named Kim Jones was murdered with the only trace being a dating site called Top Meet. She adopts Lucifer’s mannerisms in order to blend in and find out more. She manages to find out that Kim was supposed to receive a large amount of money. It just so happen that Kim found Top Meet and was aiming to make the app more accessible, but Mac the CEO killed her in order to preserve the app.

After burying her husband Reese, Linda starts having an existential crisis and develops a fear of death. But Amendiel is there for her and the two bond an in a way fix their friendship and start being growing closer. In the meantime, Charlotte tricks Ella with an excuse that she wants to study forensic, while she actually wants to avoid her own damnation since learning about it from Lucifer. In the end, Charlotte decides to join the district attorney’s office. Lucifer contemplates on whether being boring is actually for him and in the end, he finally decides that it is absolutely not.

S03 E09 – The Sinnerman

A guy named Joey Pileggi, who asked Lucifer for a favor a long time ago, winds up murdered. The investigation conducted reveals him as a courier for the mob. Maze is anxious about Amendiel and Linda becoming closer and closer. Charlotte joins Chloe and Lucifer as a prosecutor in order to question Franke Ferrante, Joey’s mentor. They find out that the death was not related to the mob. There is another murder and Lucifer recognizes him as another guy that he did a favor for.

Not long after, the Sinnerman is recognized as the killer and he traps Lucifer in an abandoned building. Maze manages to find and save Lucifer, but she first makes him confess her feelings towards her. Pierce tells Chloe about his plan to kill the Sinnerman for his brother’s murder. They then manage to ambush and catch the Sinnerman. Maze asks Linda to stop seeing Amendiel. Lucifer tries to question the Sinnerman and tires using his power of desire on him but the Sinnerman gauges his eyes out to stop him from doing that.

S03 E10 – The Sin Bin

After the Sinnerman is finally in custody Lucifer is determined to get his devil face back. But he starts growing concerns about another victim who appears. His consciences are on the line this time.

S03 E11 – City of Angels?

A flashback episode that shows us the first time Lucifer ended up on Earth. We see all of the main characters and how he corresponded with them before he actually grew closer with them.

S03 E12 – All about Her

Lucifer is trying to get Chloe on his side in order for them to investigate Pierce together as Lucifer has started to become very suspicious of him. Meanwhile, Amendiel has a growing health issue that he is becoming concerned with.

S03 E13 – Till death do us part

After a murder at a suburb, the neighborhood has been commented, Lucifer and Pierce have to go undercover to solve the case. They pose as a gay couple living together.

S03 E14 – My Brother’s Keeper

One of Ella’s brothers shows up and is suspected of being a diamond thief. Despite being warned by Chloe not to get involved, Ella starts to investigate the situation with the help of Maze. On the other hand, Lucifer is trying to understand the Mark of Cain better.

S03 E15 – High School Poppycock

Lucifer has a mental block and starts having dreams about Chloe dying. At the same time, the two need to investigate a murder involving an author of a popular series of books. Since the books are based on characters from her high school, Lucifer and Chloe have to attend the reunion to flush out the killer.

S03 E16 – Infernal Guinea Pig

In order to kill Cain, Lucifer decides to resurrect Abel and bring his soul back from Hell. But the plan goes astray when his soul ends up in a body of a B movie producer named Alexa Lee. At the same time, Chloe investigates a murder in the Hollywood industry.

S03 E17 – Let pinhead sing!

A pop singer named Axara is threated to be killed and Lucifer acts as her protection by keeping her at Lux. She gives a performance that even gives Lucifer a run for his money, while Chloe does her best to find the killer. Meanwhile, Charlotte gets involved in Linda’s and Maze’s relationship and tries to patch things up.

S03 E18 – The last heartbreak

Chloe and Lucifer are investigating a murderer who kills couples. But after a more thorough investigation, Pierce finds out that this killer is linked to an old case he had back in 1958. Lucifer also starts to see the growing romance between Chloe and Pierce.

S03 E19 – Orange is the new Maze

Maze demands from Lucifer that he send her back to hell, which he refuses. She runs off and is quickly involved in a situation related with a bounty and is in danger. Lucifer and Chloe need to get involved in order to find and save Maze.

S03 E20 – The Angel of San Bernandino

A victim is saved by a winged creature whom she thinks is an angel who came to her aid. Lucifer starts thinking that he was at fault and that he has been dayflying and rescuing people. The relationship between Chloe and Pierce takes an interesting turn but they eventually break up after Pierce reveals his true intentions with having Chloe by his side.

S03 E21 – Anything Pierce can do I can do better

Pierce starts to realize his true feelings towards Chloe and starts reconsidering his attempt to kill himself. But he does not back away from the plan to frame Lucifer for his murder, which deeply angers Maze. Amendiel in the meantime asks Charlotte to help him with an important plan that he has.

S03 E22 – All hand on Decker

Chloe decides to take some time off and the girls decide to throw a bachelorette party for her. This forces Lucifer and Dan to work together and they end up on a case involving a murder at a dog show. Charlotte and Maze fight during Chloe’s party and its organization, but Chloe ends up wondering about the decision she made and whether it was a good one.

S03 E23 – Quintessential Deckerstar

Charlotte continues having nightmares about Hell and she tries to take matters into own hands and involves herself into an investigation. She manages to find the killer that Lucifer and Chloe were looking for. In the meantime, Lucifer struggles about telling Chloe how he actually feels. Charlotte sacrifices herself and Amendiel regains his wings just so he can take Charlotte’s soul the Heaven.

S03 E24 – A Devil of my word

Pierce takes over the investigation about Charlotte’s death. Dan manages to find Charlotte’s notes about Pierce. Lucifer’s and Chloe’s investigation leads them into an ambush where Chloe is shot and Lucifer is forced to unshed his wings to protect her. A battle ensues and Lucifer defeats Cain but reveals his true nature and appearance to Chloe.

Bonus Episodes

S03 E25 – Boo Normal

The team investigates the murder of a child psychiatrist while Ella starts seeing an old friend. Actually, it is a girl, whom she thinks is a ghost that she used to see when she was living back in Detroit. In the end, it is revealed that the girl is none other than the Anger of Death, Azrael, Lucifer’s sister.

S03 E26 – Once upon a time

An episode about an alternative universe where God changed one little thing and how it affected reality. Lucifer is still a club owner but Chloe is an actress playing in B-side movies. They still manage to somehow meet.

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